1. coolest111

    ipad 3 Screen Guard n Cover

    Earlier few days back i came to u all regarding iPad for my frnd he have bought one now he want a Screen Guard n Cover for the same so plz guys help.... Budget is arnd 2-2.5k(it does not mean he want to spent all if cheaper alternatives r available) i found few options on Ebay (but never...
  2. gdebojyoti

    Need help - How to create a short 3D animation film?

    Hello, I want to create my own short 3D animation film in Maya. Nothing too fancy. Just as a hobby. Can anyone give me some links to some tutorials (ebook/ video/ online article) which cover this topic? I don't need a very detailed step-by-step tutorial (though I won't say no!); but it...
  3. Alok

    Mercenary Ops (PC)

    A new third person shooter has been announced today for PC, called Mercenary Ops. One key point about this title is that it is being made with multiplayer in mind. This could be really exciting as the PC really doesn’t have any decent third person shooters out on the market right now. Features...
  4. montsa007

    Ipad Trouble

    Hello, Posting this for a friend who has an ipad (under warranty upto July 2012). His kid dropped the ipad and some glass has come off the corner (just a small portion around the rim) The ipad works perfectly, if you hold it vertically you can't see any cracks. Is it worth the risk to...
  5. montsa007

    Interest Check for Dell Streak

    Hello, Dell Streak in Mint Condition 9.5/10 16 GB MMC Extra Battery Extra Back Cover Soft Wallet Leather Flip Style Cover Rubber Cover Box and all contents (Most of them unused) No Bill/Warranty as bought from Location - Mumbai (Local Pickup Only) Anybody...
  6. eggman

    [For Sale] Crysis 2 / PS3

    Hi Guys I'm selling Crysis 2 for PS3. It's a limited edition I guess . It comes with a manual , Disc and an Online Coupon. Price:Rs. 1000 Incl. Shipping (Rs. 950 for Bangalore Local Pickup ) Pics: Cover : Manual: Cover Inside: ] Disc Pic 1: Disc Pic 2: The...
  7. pramudit

    nokia 500

    my friend bought a nokia 500 today..... Will be giving personal review about it soon.... Price-9500(with cover) specs- [URL="Nokia 500"]gsmarena.
  8. S

    [For Sale] Kindle(Non-Ads) wifi + 3g + Lighted Cover

    Product Name: Kindle(Non-Ads) wifi + 3g + Lighted Cover Expected Price: 9500/- + shipping at actuals Time of Purchase: april, 2011 Remaining Warranty period: No(no idea) Reason for Sale: Lying unused. Purchase Invoice Available: Yes Product Condition: Excellent(used only...
  9. Achuth

    Which Issue of Digit?

    Pls help me out here.. If you know on which Issue did digit cover the top apps for all platforms.
  10. P

    Laptop Insurance ???

    Hi guyz.....:-) Last week I got Macbook pro 13inch with dual core i7 pro as a gift. My first semester as student of cse would be starting from first week of august. I am planning to use my mbp for the same. But yesterday I read some complaints about its heating problem and delicate screen...
  11. Ethan_Hunt

    Assassin's Creed: Revelations

    Come on! Don't tell me you guys didn't expect this? :wink: Yes, Ubisoft silently started teasing us with it's new Assassin's Creed game a few days back. Here are a collective set of it's teaser trailers: HSmRhNbmtWM G-Tgyy1EMPg KFMv8-9gDpQ a91WzlVYj6A Now for the something...
  12. N

    Upgradation of Complete Cover Warranty for Dell Studio XPS

    Dear Digit Team: I do have a Dell Studio XPS Laptop 1645 model which I use for professional video editing (Avid Media Composer). It is under warranty till September 2011. I wish to extend the warranty with Complete Cover which includes replacement of spares or whole unit in case of damage...
  13. mohityadavx

    Mega Game, Movie , encyclopedia Sale

    Hi! I am selling of a small part of my cd/dvd collection of movies ,games, encyclopedia as i no longer have the space to keep them. All prices below exclude shipping charges and are final and no bargain will be entertained except for bulk orders. All cd/dvd are in good condition. I will post...
  14. mohityadavx

    Mega Book Sale

    Hi! I am selling of a small part of my book collection as i no longer have the space to keep them. All prices below exclude shipping charges and are final and no bargain will be entertained except for bulk orders. All book are in legible condition. I will post the pic of the book if u want to...
  15. RaghuKL

    The Path of Eclipse 15 jan 2010

    The pics below indicate the path of eclipse . There is also cloud cover map for the regions for the month of january. Cloud cover Larger map the attachment (64.3 KB) has timings of eclipse at major citites in India and other South Asian countries
  16. arunks

    creative zen cover or skin cover?

    where can i get creative zen's cover...? any online site?? nt available on i m in noida currently....So from where can i get in noida or delhi????
  17. T

    why 10.10 on cover of watch

    i jst want to know why 10.10 on cover of watch?
  18. M

    How to get product id for original xp disc ?

    Please,how to get product key for original xp disc? I have an original XP OEM (I got it from a telecom company's office.Please don't ask abt the sources.I am not sure if its OEM or not) CD.The people who gave me have also left the place.Its from an HCL PC. Is there anway of obtaining...
  19. Dark Star

    Linux For You Discussion Thread

    Hi We all love reading LFY , so why don't we discus about current issue , providing valuable feedback and inputs to the best Linux Magz.. Here is the snapshot of current magz.. Cover Page | Price : 100 INR Content : LINUX For You-THE COMPLETE MAGAZINE ON OPEN...
  20. ajayritik

    Best thing to protect cell phone from rain

    Recently I'm having a tough time protecting my cell phone from rain. I end up making it drench in rain water. I have tried to search here in mobile accessories shop but couldnt find anything that can cover the cell phone completely from rain. I found some leather cases but they dont cover the...
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