1. C

    [video] gadgetshieldz phone skins review

    Hey Guys, we got in contact with Gadgetsheildz and got to review their Skinnova skins. We didn't expect them to be that good initially, but they did manage to change our opinions. Check out the video to watch the skins in their full glory and we've got a discount code for all their products. So...
  2. A

    Please suggest screenguard and flip cover for mi pad

  3. H

    Circle CC 830 unboxing and review

    Hi Friends, I have just bought Circle CC-830 cabinet. I had earlier ask on the forum about which cabinet to buy, everyone suggested Corsair, Cooler master and other brands. I did not find any review for the CC 830 and other members also told me to stay away from brand as the repo is unknown for...
  4. veera_champ

    [For Sale] MI 16000Mah Powerbank

    * Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: MI 16000Mah Powerbank Mi Power Bank - Mi India * Expected Price: Rs 1399/- * Time of Purchase: June 2015 * Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Don't know how much time MI provides for power banks * Reason for...
  5. D

    NON-Magnetic Flip Cover (w/wo stand) for Lumia 640 XL Dual SIM

    Lumia 640xl is awesome. And GPS works great(really). And a magnetic flip cover pretty much messes up the calibration. I ordered a leather flip cover from amazon and the magnet always interferes with Maps. Is there any good flip cover without magnets anyone knows about? With stand will be a plus...
  6. R2K

    Flip cover or back case ?

    Is it better to get a flip cover or just the back case ? What do you guys prefer when you choose cases
  7. ayush_chh

    Protective Padded / Cusioned Cover for Seagate Backup Plus Slim

    Hi Guys, I bought a Seagate External HDD (1 TB Backup Plus slim) last week. I need your help in suggesting a Cover for it. I am looking for a slip in cover, which opens only from 1 side so that i don't have to take the HDD out every-time i want to use it. I liked this one but then there is no...
  8. R

    Best cases for Nexus 5 available in the market

    Hi all, Can someone provide me the options for a protective cover on my Nexus 5? I am currently using the gadget shieldz full body protection (currently installed only the back cover protector) as all i need is a scratch free back cover. I am not so known or prone to dropping my phone...
  9. RCuber

    Waterproof Laptop Cover?

    Guys, I am looking for a protective cover which can resist water during rainy season. I usually use two pairs of large carrybags to cover my laptop during rainy season, but I want a neater solution. Any recommendations? I don't see any available in ebay.
  10. ajayritik

    Need good leather case for my note2

    I have Galaxy Note2 for which I need a decent case . Most of the cases I see are either back case which covers the side portions however the front part is uncovered and if there are cases which cover both front and back they don't cover the side part of the phones. Any ideas? - - - Updated -...
  11. Harsh Pranami

    Need time complexity of this algorithm

    ALGO_Set_Cover (U [1…..n]) //This algorithm gives the minimum set cover of a set S= {S1, S2….} where S1,S2,…are //subsets of S and their union gives the universal set U. // Input is an array U[1….n]...
  12. jak3072

    Range externder

    Hey ppl pls suggest a range extender. My budget can go from 2-4 max. The range should be enough to cover one floor & one floor only. thanks
  13. P

    [MOTO G] Flip Cover or Screen Guard and Other Accessories

    Hi folks, Thanks a lot for sharing. Please suggest a good screen protector and a case (flipcover or back cover) for my new Moto G Planning to go for GadgetShieldz @ 320 INR for the Screen Protector. If anyone's planning to buy use the Promo Code : adw20 for the discount. Any Amzer users here...
  14. M

    FliipCover for Grand 2

    Hi, I want to buy a Flipcover for grand2. preferably I don't want to remove the battery cover provided by samsung. There are 2 choices Leather Stitch Flip Cover S View Case for Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 G7102 -Black: Buy Online @ Rs.699 /- | Snapdeal nCase Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy Grand 2...
  15. Ronnie11

    Sony Xperia SL touchscreen gone crazy

    Hey guys, i am facing a serious problem and need some advice. Just 2 days back i noticed my phone's touchscreen started acting crazy. The touchscreen was constantly showing activity. Even though i am not touching the screen, the screen would act as if its getting a lot of touches together...
  16. RCuber

    Need ADSL+Gigabit Router

    Guys, I need a ADSL Router with Wfi , preferably wireless N. Need to cover atleast two walls. Budget up to 4-5K Suggest from Linksys, ASUS and other high quality ones. im fed up of DLINK/NETGEAR/TP Link(Can't trust it) Gigabit Ethernet a Must. I already have a DLink ADSL Router +...
  17. J

    [For Sale] Selling Nokia 5230 ~2.2k

    Nokia 5230 I have an old Nokia 5230 which I am planning to sell. 1. *Model number and details: Nokia 5230 (Runs Symbian s60v5). The phone is in pretty good condition considering it has been used for 3 years. Has a new screenguard installed. 2. *Date of purchase: 2010. Don't remember exact...
  18. A

    Galaxy Note 2 cover

  19. sanny16

    asus fonepad back cover removal technic

    Does any one know how to remove the back cover (top part) of asus fonepad for inserting sim? I tried pushing the cover upwards and it did not work and i do not want to apply more pressure which may lead to possible damage to the device.
  20. raksrules

    [Want to Buy] IPhone 4/4S Case, Otterbox Commuter or Similar

    Anyone has case for iPhone 4/4S to sell, preferably non bulky and having open front side but with a lip on the front side running entire are of the phone so that i can put the phone with screen down without worrying that screen will touch the ground/base. Something similar to this Acase Dual...
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