1. A

    Aircrack not working in kali linux 2.0

    I recently installed kali linux and use it for wireless penetration testing. Though the older one worked correctly, I upgraded so that I can get updated tools. But now aircrack suite is not working correctly, I can only capture -1.cap file and aircrack exits showing password not found. It only...
  2. patkim

    How truecaller gets mobile number details?

    I just explored truecaller online (not the app) and found that out of two numbers that I searched one was correctly reported and the other showed some other name altogether. How this truecaller actually captures the mobile number details? I wonder because the other number should ideally have...
  3. sukesh1090

    firefox problem

    guys when i use hardware acceleration option in firefox everything gets blurred and fonts won't be visible correctly but if i disable it everything works fine. why is so?
  4. sukesh1090

    creative sbs a300 speaker bass problem

    guys i am using creative sbs a300 2.1 speaker.when i play some songs in it,the bass don't work correctly it just produces some "tuk tuk" sound thats all.when i remove the jack from the cabinet and reinsert it then it works correctly for some time and again the same problem and it always behaves...
  5. P

    Your Tech Quotient Contest

    Hi Guys, Nice technology news based contest. Register at to receive daily questions through newsletters. Answer correctly to win many cool prizes!! Prabal Pratap
  6. topgear

    Help Needed For Configuring Gamepad with PCSX2

    Guys just got WWE Smavkdown vs Raw 2007 PS2 game. Configured it correctly to run with P2S bios with PCSX2 :p Game is staring just fine and I'm able to use only 1 gamepad to select the options and everything else but I'm not able to control the character. But I'm not able to configure the...
  7. max_demon

    This is really irritating , Thinkdigit forum and quick reply.

    Has anyone else is facing this problem , this is really irritating many times we end up making a doublepost and we have to either switch in "Go advance" in order to post correctly :-? .
  8. ajai5777

    Hard disc upgrade problem....plz help

    My pc's configuration Intel p4 ht 3ghz intel d101ggc ddr1 ram 1gb*2=2gb Hdd is 80gb sata seagate Here is the problem.My pc is 3yr old and works almost fine once i decided to upgrade the hdd and bought a samsung 160 sata,i connected it correctly and the system is booted then the the...
  9. D

    BSNL Mobile (Cellone)- SMS

    I am unable to send SMS through Nokia 3110c. Please help i have setup the message centre correctly.
  10. saqib_khan

    Whenever i try to install any software, pc restarts

    Hi, Whenever i try to install any software, the pc resarts. Sometimes, it does not restarts, but mostly it restarts. This problem is really annoying me, as i can't install anything. If i remember correctly i got an error in msiexec. Will sfc /scannow help me or shud i repair xp...
  11. gary4gar

    System does not boot,BIOS hangs mid way

    Hi, My system does not boot, the BIOS is hanging at Loading of bootloader stage. once i remove my newly replaced SATA hdd the system boots fine and does not hang anymore. after removing the HDD i can also boot via Bootable CD.but the PC does not start if HDD is plugged in. My system specs...
  12. Krazy Bluez

    internet Explorer is not working

    Can anyone help me ? Internet Explorer 7 is unable to open any site, although Firefox 3 and Opera 9.5 works like a charm, and i have also checked the settings and i think it is set correctly, any guesses ?
  13. saurabh kakkar

    Yahoo Messanger Disapperars automatically

    Hi My yahoo messanger disapperars automatically after i click sign in button I m able to open my registry and all other stufs r responding correctly plz help me to sort out this problem regards Saurabh kakkar
  14. L

    Error 'MSINET.OCX'

    I get this message every time i start the system --------------------------- Component 'MSINET.OCX' not correctly registered: file is missing or invalid ---------------------------
  15. G

    Getting this error msg.

    Whenever I start my PC, a error is shown which reads "C/WINDOWS/System32/BerasJatah.exe was not found.....Make sure you typed the name correctly''. I googled but it did't help to kill this problem. This has made my PC damn slow. But to do.
  16. pritish_kul2

    A new CD-ROM problem

    Whenever i am in a cd...means browsing a CD.....the icon doesn't appear correctly...some 'T' appears b4 it due to a software??? SCREENSHOT=
  17. debiprasad_sahoo

    MySQL character problem

    Special character parsing problem in php When I stores the characters ´, ¤, ¸, •, ´, ¨, », ` & ¶ in MySQL, it stores successfully and shows correctly in phpMyAdmin. But when I get the data and displays in web page it dispays � instead of the original character. Please help. Differnt broswers...
  18. P

    Pc Trouble Shooting

    Dear Forum Users, Pl help me in fixing the following problem I am using a pc with Intel Q6600 quad processor with ASUS P5 N- E -SLI Mother board and Sparkle 8600 GT / 256 MB DDR# Graphic card. After I install windows XP sp2, the system opens the log in page with USEr ID interface. When it...
  19. saurabh kakkar

    help me on wine problem

    hi I had to remove wine due to its improper working on my ubuntu 7.04 it was not showing help option uninstaller was not working properly now i want to install wine again correctly whats the process ? also in windows .exe is the executable file responsible for running whats in linux ...
  20. S

    strange message

    yesterday my avg(free) detected 3-worms and 1-Trojan horse downloader on my computer and it removed all of them. All the 3 worms were of the same type and name(SSVICHOSST.exe) and they were all found in the system32 directory. The next time i opened my PC it showed me a strange message...
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