1. T

    Insert the correct cd problem!

    Hi! Many times after installing the games while i try to play the game a message says" insert the correct cdrom and click ok". Is it because of the incompatible system requirements or of the pirated cd? how can i rectify that?
  2. N


    Cannot Locate CD-ROM Am using WinXP on P4 2.8 HT and 2x256 mb DDR SDRAM 400. When I try to run two of my games it gives message : CANNOT LOCATE CD-ROM Please insert the correct CD-ROM, select o.k. and restart application. No matter how many times I put the correct CD-ROM either Disk1 or...
  3. K

    Corrupt Icons

    Corrupt Icons ------------- The icons of my html files look like this: I use Mozilla FF as my default browser............ How do I correct this??
  4. vwad

    Help required to find out correct Modem Drivers

    Hello All, I have Conexant SoftK56 Data Fax Speakerphone PCI Modem. Its an internal modem. Its a Rockwell modem as previously known. Now I am upgrading my computer to Windows XP Professional. Where will I be able to find the correct set of drivers for WinXP Prof. for this modem ? I went...
  5. mohanty1942

    Pop3 access yahoo

    I year ago I had seen a question on how to access e-mails on Outlook Express. The answer was <<<< No email service providers give pop3 access (to download mail to Outlook Express) except YAHOO. The Incoming & Outgoing Server Names (to configure Outlook Express)of YAHOO was something like...
  6. F

    Is my monitor gonna die?

    My monitor occasionally blanks out to a bright line (in the centre of the screen), without any warning. I then have to turn it off(using keyboard shortcuts, etc), and it usually functions normally if I switch it on after 10 minutes. Also, sometimes, the CPU emits a beeping sound, and the...
  7. D

    Outlook 2003 problem...

    I got Outlook 2003, Win Xp with IMAP a/c from Fastmail. Though I can receive the mails in Outlook I cant send using SMTP. Is there a problem. The software just cant connect to the server. The server settings are correct. Does anyone else has any similar problem. Pls help. I use KAV...
  8. mohanty1942

    Garbage in webpage

    In Win98 very often I get a page full of garbages (Screenshot below) while browsing certain webpages. On clicking 'refresh' I get back the correct screen. What is the reason ? How to correct ?
  9. vysakh

    NO BALL in cricket 2002

    i got this old game 2 days back. the problem is that when i ball, it is a no ball. how do i correct this???
  10. rajat22

    SP 2 , too troublesome

    After installing SP 2 on my Windows XP Home, ALL OPTIONS OF WINDOWS UPDATES UNDER SYSTEM IS GREYED OUT AND ONLINE UPDATE GIVES Error number: 0x8DDD0003. Till SP 2, I was using manual update before SP 2 with no problem at all. To correct the problem, I reinstalled windows and SP 2 without...
  11. P

    Error in Media Player 9 - help to correct it.

    I recently opened a game trailer in Media Player from within Internet explorer 6. Later I opened Media Player separately & had the following error msg diaplayed: " An internal application error has occured" however mplayer2.exe works fine. How do i correct this?
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