1. D

    Speaker for PC ~ Rs1000

    I want to buy new speaker for PC, usage will be basically for watching movie. I will prefer one with 3.5mm jack over USB. Budget - Around 1k +- 200 PS: I don't know if I have posted in correct forum category so admin move this to correct forum if required.
  2. @

    Cheapest way to get this 'electronic toy'/DIY robot from USA

    I want to buy this: Makeblock Robot Starter Kit Bluetooth - Radioshack It comes under Electronic Toys category and SnS tells me custom would be 28%. The price mentioned is $118, but actual price is $150 (RadioShack mentions it as $199, which is not correct). The package weighs 1.6Kg. Have...
  3. K

    Two Dictionaries not opened at a time

    Hi Guys, It relates to Windows7. I have installed two different Dictionaries. I can open and see only one Dictionary,I mean, I cannot open and see the two Dictionaries at a time. How to correct it?
  4. A

    Query about Pinterest

    I guess I have selected the right place to put up my query... I want to know How Pinterest works? I mean how to use this effectively to get benefit out of it. Thanks for any help in advance and sorry if this is not the correct place...but I genuinely want to know about this.
  5. R

    [Help]Battery Model for HP 2000 2116TU

    I have hp laptop 2000 2116TU.Now its battery is degraded.Please help me in finding correct battery model no for my laptop.
  6. J

    Belkin modem router help

    Hi, I have Belkin share modem router. It stopped functioning since one day showing only blinking red light. I visited router page which shows all data to be correct. What could be possible problem and solution? Thx
  7. S

    Which cartridge for HP Deskjet 2050 (J510A)?

    Hi all, I have a HP Deskjet 2050 (J510A). Surprisingly I am not able to find which is the correct cartridge for this printer. Various websites are giving conflicting names. I want to buy it online so can anyone guide me to the correct cartridge and where I should buy it from? Regards
  8. V

    Please give me a list of all laptop with these spec

    Processor:- Second generation Intel i7 or any other fast RAM: - 8gb and above HDD:- 1TB and above Disk Drive:- Blu ray drive or any other Graphic Card:- 2gb or above Screen: - any size I need a laptop for playing heavy games (like GTAV, which i ordered and Battlefield 3) and for running...
  9. G

    How do we use the word "Irony"

    Hi to all ..:-D 1.Need small help in english on how can we use the word "Irony" ? If i google the meaning it gives many meanings and ways to use. Can anyone give simple examples of using the word and its meaning in various instance. 2.Is this grammatically correct way to use: I am becoming...
  10. R

    Root Kit revealer

    I had downloaded a Rootkit Revealer 1.71 and it has shown many errors. Pls tell how to correct it? regards
  11. R

    motherboard query

    My 20 day old ASUS mbd date and time is not showing properly, so i take it to service centre. centre guy said that it is repairable not replaced and if it is beyond repair then it should replaced. is the service centre guy said correct or i should force them for replacement.
  12. S

    Is it correct choice for CDAC PG-DWiMc as a Career...?

    Is it correct choice for CDAC PG-DWiMc as a Career...?
  13. M

    Suggestion for Surge protector

    My 2 year old Belkin surge protector is not working properly.So i want to buy a new one.Please suggest a good surge protector.Is there any other good brand for surge protector? If this is not correct section for this question please move it to correct one..
  14. A

    please correct the grammar in this sentence

    i'm planning to use this as my resume objective... but i have a feeling that it has some grammatical error.. can u correct this or make this sentence better for me.. By the way, im applying for the post of Quality Assurance engineer .. here is my objective < To work for a leading Organization...
  15. A

    Trip to wagha n amritsar

    I have read a number of descriptions of the Wagha border ceremony and each indicates that there are no bags allowed, including camera bags. Assuming this to be correct, can someone offer an opinion about which one lens I should take with me to the ceremony - the 18-55; or the 55-200? Tips...
  16. esudip

    32" LED Monitor or TV ???

    Hi All, I am thinking to buy a 32" LED TV but insted of that if I get any 32" LED Monitor with HDMI Port that will sure save my cost. Please correct me if i am wronh and tell me if there is any 32" Monitor available in India with price !!!
  17. R

    Is price of this rig correct?

    Hi, I got this rig at price of 30K. Is the price correct? i5 processor- 3.1 Ghz Intel X67 motherboard Seagate- 1 TB HDD 16 GB RAM Iball cabinet 18.5" Acer LED Logitech mouse & keyboard Altec Lansing 2.1 speakers LG DVD writer
  18. sujeet2555

    Adsl modem reset by itself

    i have utstar 300r adsl modem and window7 .the problem i am getting is for 2-3 days my network says unidentified network,public network and yellow ex. mark between pc and modem. after so much trying and no net access,i somehow...
  19. iinfi

    transfer vehicle from one state to other - suggestion needed

    hi all ... i need some help here... i want to bring my bike which is registered in Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra) to Bangalore for my use... its registered in my name.. do i need to change the registration from MH to KA? or can i ride it here with MH registration by paying just the road tax...
  20. avichandana20000

    what is RAID?

    I have goggled the word to understand it but cannot make any solid concept. Roughly what i have understood is two or more HDD will work together. (Make me correct) and please update me on this.
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