1. Apollo

    [Contest] Challenge #1 - Share your gameplay [FIFA 16]

    Time to put on your shooting boots! FIFA 16’s first challenge is as easy as stealing candy from a toddler -- no jokes. All you have to do is hit us with your gameplay sequences from this popular EA football game and stand a chance to win cool gaming hardware… Just fire up the game, use a...
  2. Apollo

    [Contest] Challenge #1 - Share your gameplay [Dota 2]

    To Dota 2 or not to Dota 2? Easy! Always Dota 2!! The first Dota 2 challenge (under this contest) couldn’t be any easier... All you have to do is hit us with your gameplay sequences from this truly epic MOBA title and stand a chance to win cool gaming hardware… Just fire up the game...
  3. Apollo

    [Contest] Challenge #1 - Share your gameplay [CSGO]

    Another reason to start a quick CSGO session! As the first challenge, let’s start off at EASY difficulty, shall we? All you have to do is hit us with your gameplay sequences from this popular multiplayer FPS title and stand a chance to win cool gaming hardware… Just fire up the game, use a...
  4. S

    How to keep my graphics card cool without a fan ?

    I have a ATI Radeon HD 4350 card.It does not have a heat sink but han a fan on it.Yesterday accidently the 2 wires connecting the card to its fan got severred :( I tried to find a replacement fan at the computer stores but they couldn't provide one.So I think I will have to run my card without...
  5. srkmish

    Software to free yourself from Online Distractions - Freedom for productivity

    Hi Friends, I was going through James clear(one of the best personal development blogger) blog and found this really cool product called Freedom which lets you disable internet connection. You specify the time you want your internet disabled and it will get activated. If you need to access...
  6. seamon

    Real Home made Laptop cooler Digit Edition v2.0 (Final).

    My previous laptop "cooler" was merely a laptop stand to uplift the laptop a little so I decided to heavily mod it and make it into a true laptop cooler. I request the mods to close the previous thread. New features include a cool skin, a cabinet fan to cool the second graphic card and LEDs...
  7. R

    This is how i cool my modem

    Downloading BF4
  8. Nanducob

    Want To be cool in Facebook

    Hi guise, I wunt to luk cool in fesbook.What shuld i write in 'about me'tab? like this? or like these? remember i just want 2 luk cool.thanks
  9. Nanducob

    How To Create a Cool Gamer Tag

    Hello Gamers, I'd like to know how you selected/made your own gamertag.Dont tell me to google it or send me to those ''create cool names/create automatically generated gamertag '' websites because all i got was crap when searching it,like Mr. Mourning:-o,sh3tsoldier8-),papasmurf:wink: etc...
  10. akhilc47


    Hi all, I am still using nokia 100. And I think it's time for an upgrade, better late than never huh? I don't if I should go for WP8 phone like lumia 620 or some android phone. My brother bought xperia neo v back in 2011 and is working perfectly fine. So I have thing for android...
  11. S

    Cool Pen Drives

    Hey Everyone This is the first time I am seeking for help for this kind of product purchase, yet i thought it might be helpful as well... :P I am looking for a cool or as u can state it a cute pen-drive to gift it to a friend ( female ) of mine. I did go through many websites but nothing...
  12. C

    Suggest me some cool todo list or calender app

    I want app which i can use for store todo list something like calender entry first i liked google calender whose ui is pretty neat but it need chrome & gmail access so if there is any cool offline calender app for windows then plz suggest me OS windows 7 ultimate sp1 x64
  13. G

    Can't disable AMD Cool n Quiet. Please help!

    My Conf. is AMD Phenom II 1055T X6 2.8ghz, 8GB DDR3 1333mhz RAM, Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H motherboard, MSI R7770 1GB DDR5 graphics card, Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 600W PSU. Whenever i am gaming on Win 7 Home premium genuine 64bit, my FPS are very unstable going down from 50-60 to 4-5 on...
  14. perplexed

    purchase a cell for under 22k !!

    Hi, I was going to purchase a cell. My budget is less than 22k. ( It is already over stretched. So please dont ask me to extend it more ) I am looking for a cell with 5MP decent camera/720p video rec Dual core processor preferably 512MB RAM Android ICS ( confirmed future upgradation...
  15. R

    Help me to choose Android phone for Rs.12,000

    Hello my fellow experts, I need to buy an Android mobile this month only and so please tell me which one to opt for. My budget is Rs.12,000. I need an Android phone running at least Gingerbread version (2.3) and please exclude anything older than this. Well I am pointing out the features...
  16. R

    Cool Magic Remote

    Impressed by the Cool Magic Remote! My friend had gone to a mall last week and while doing window shopping he also visited LG showroom and there checked out their latest 3D TV Series. He told me about a magic remote, which he claims is like a mouse. He took me there next time he went and I too...
  17. R

    AMD Cool n Quiet query

    What is AMD Cool n Quiet feature?? What are pros and cons of this feature?? Should i ran pc with Cool n Quiet on or off?? First time i rate the pc the score of processor is 7.3 but after re rating it shows only 4.7:cry: i tried many times with cool n quiet off but it fixed to 4.7, how to...
  18. A

    Laptop Cooling Pad

    My laptop heats up pretty much while gaming and reaches upto 80 Celsius. And upto 90 Celsius during serious gaming. The lap is designed to cool optimally when placed on a flat surface, but i use it on bed/lap while gaming.So need a cooling pad. It should just cool, looks not at all necessary. I...
  19. akhilc47

    simple question 710 or LIVE?

    Hi I've around 15k to spend. I need a smartphone. I'm stuck with lumia 710 and sony ericsson live with walkman. Which OS should I go for ? Never before used windows. My brother has a neo v which I think is cool. Is there any issue with windows?
  20. S

    New pc needed

    My friend needs a new pc. Budget is 60,000. It will be used for watching hd movies and listening to music. He wants a monitor of 23-26 inches. He will need a cool pc as temps go easily above 40 in summers and he has no ac. Please suggest me the best configuration.
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