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Hi Friends,

I was going through James clear(one of the best personal development blogger) blog and found this really cool product called Freedom which lets you disable internet connection. You specify the time you want your internet disabled and it will get activated. If you need to access internet, you will have no option but to reboot(during the time period Freedom is active).

They have another product called Anti social which just blocks the Time wasting websites which you can specify such as Facebook,Twitter etc so that you can access the internet for productive work.

This idea seems too cool. Has anyone used these products?

Freedom - Internet Blocking Productivity Software


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^ Yup. There isn't greater tool to mankind then their "brains". Most of us even have them in the right amount. We just choose to let it escape out of control.
One day you decide you have enough of it, and just stop.


i dont get it, why cant you do it yourself instead of spending 10 $? just turn off your router and after your "productive work" is finished, turn it back on :)
but you gotta have some control over yourself...if not ,then no one can help you..
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