1. ajayritik

    Having trouble viewing and copying files from PC to iPad

    I recently updated my iPad to newer version using the Update option after connecting the iPad to my PC. After that update I'm unable to view the videos from the videos app on my iPad. When I use softwares like Shareit and Xender from my PC I can see the videos of the iPad in the contents of...
  2. S

    SD card not updating

    I use a 16GB SD card in my XOLO Q800. I connected it to my PC and modified its contents. But when I view the same in my mobile, only the old contents (August 2014) are available. So, I formatted my card in PC, transferred new data and checked it in my mobile. Still the same problem exists. I...
  3. Cool Buddy

    Kindle books - formatting the table of contents

    Kindle is not very popular in India and not a lot of people own it. Still, I'm hoping a few users will stumble here to provide me with an answer. I'm making a book for my personal purpose (from a document in the public domain). Now, the book has 27 chapters divided into more than 500...
  4. NewsBytes

    Digit turns 13! And to celebrate we have more goodies for YOU

    Once a year, just like your birthday, Digit celebrates its anniversary... and obviously, it’s a big deal for all of us here. The whole team has been sleep deprived this whole month, working like hamsters, and pulling out all the stops to make this anniversary issue as memorable as ever...
  5. adityak469

    Science Including Gadgets

    I don't know where to post this so I'm posting it here. So i have to give a speech on Science Including Gadgets in my school as A ASL(a speaking skill test). I just can't figure out what to say as nothing was told about the contents..... 'm in class 10. Anyone here can suggest me to fill the...
  6. H

    Firefox 23 blocks non ssl content on SSL web pages by default

  7. @

    Mistakes one should not do while creating résumé & CVs ?

    I would appreciate if all TDF members reply & give their valuable suggestions about creating a résumé/CV. You can also interpret the question as : What are mistakes you saw while you were hiring someone As an employer, what things you expect to see? how much do you actually care about...
  8. M

    Ext Hdd's files not visible in normal mode- pls help

    Ext Hdd's folders not visible in normal mode- pls help Experts, when i am connecting ma external hdd(80GB) the contents shows so(attached screen shot) hardly in a wish to get guided to fix ma problem, as lot of precious data contain in the 80gb. the size is perfect, so in hope that, my...
  9. C

    Contents of May 2012 DVDs

    Where is "Preview and Feedback for Digit DVD Contents of May 2012" ? Where is the link for this? I did not find in Feedback section.
  10. prttal

    Visual fx : Show window contents drag

    There is a windows visual effect which says show window contents while dragging is not working even though ticked. I have even set it to best appearance. Even if I recheck it, it comes back to the problem after restart. Also, in the registry item, the value is set to 1(for best apearance)...
  11. S

    Are there any archive to DVD contents?

    Are there any archive to the DVD contents provided? I have a gallery of DVD in my home and its hard to find which software is in which DVD PS. I am searching for Wine full installation in Debian format (for Ubuntu), and I can't download it online. Can you manually tell me in which DVD is it...
  12. RBX

    MS Word : Preparing Table of Contents

    I needed to prepare a Table of Contents for my project report. The table should have columns S.No., Title, followed by Page No. at extreme right. There is no way I could justify portions of same line, so I tried using columns; but the idea didn't work out well. It would either apply to the...
  13. windchimes

    Inviting you to take part in this survey on animated contents

    Hello Digitians, Requesting you all to visit here for this interesting survey on animated contents * Please add your valuable insights to it . Cheers!!
  14. echoplxx

    Preview + Feedback [October 2011]

    This month is packed with all the goodies, featuring a special issue of Digit + SKOAR + 2 Fast Tracks + 3 DVDs Enjoy! This Diwali explore thousands of deals we've hand-picked for you. Don't just run after discounts this festive season, shop smart, get online, save money and get some wacky...
  15. I

    my WD Passport Essential SE query

    Hello Friends :wave: I have a query regarding my newly purchased portable hard drive, a Western Digital My Passport Esential SE 1TB USB 3.0 :smile: After connecting it to my system & opening the partition aptly named "My Passport", there appear some pre-existing contents comprising of 4...

    "Help needed" visual web developer 2008( c#)

    i hav been working on for past few days. i created a table named "sum" having coloumns(registerno,name)under database "trial". in my aspx web page,i have provided 2 text boxes(Textbox1 for registerno & textbox2 for name)and a button. what im looking for is a way to insert the...
  17. quicky008

    Problem with Micromax X600(Gravity)-need assistance.

    I recently purchased a used micromax x600 cell phone from a relative.The device itself is merely 2 months old.I have been facing a peculiar problem with it from the very day it was bought.Whenever I connect it to my PC via the bundled usb cable and select Mass Storage from the phone,its internal...
  18. mad1231moody

    Copy non windows drive to another

    Just got myself a new 1TB HDD. I want to copy all the contents of Drive D:which is non windows drive to the new HDD. I want all the contents as they are on new drive(500 GB partition). Now the new drive is more roomier then my D: drive so I am not sure if copying sector by sector will work as I...
  19. Shikher_neo

    Prob. using innerHTML in IE8

    hey, guys.i guess there's a bug in IE8 that does not allow proper use of the innerHTML prop. in javascript. is there a workaround? i am trying to dynamically create a table with contents from an XML file. and how do you load a xml file(javascript) in google chrome??(like this for ie -new...
  20. giprabu

    Flash plugin needed for firefox.....Urgent..

    I'm using the pre-released version of firefox, "Namoroka"(64 bit) ... It doesnt play the youtube videos and other flash contents as it requires a 64 bit flash and java plugin.. I couldn't find them..Pls help...
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