1. Vyom

    Synology DS220+: The best humble aboad of all thing Digital (Review)

    This review is part of the Synology NAS contest posted here: CONTEST ALERT - Synology-Digit NAS Review Contest - Win NAS units and HDDs Thanks to digit and all it's staff for giving me the opportunity to write about it. Nostalgia: Over the course of childhood to what we are now (adult child...
  2. K

    Controlling your child activities is made easy in *REMOVED* app

    After I noticed my girl watching the content, not appropriate according to her age, I was stressed over web well-being of my daughter to prevent her to the content not suitable for the children through mobile phones and tablets. So I decided to try the *REMOVED*. I was amazed because of its...
  3. C

    [video] htc vive review After trying out a lot of content on the HTC Vive, here are our thoughts on the design, available content, drawbacks, how it compares to the other VR headsets, and final verdict. Please do let us know what you all think!
  4. swatkats

    Netflix launches in India, HD Starts at 650/month (Same US pricing)

    Try a month free on SD content - 500/month (1device) HD content - 650/month (2 devices) Ultra HD content - 800/month (4devices) Terms and conditions: Payments will be processed internationally, so foreign transaction fees may apply. Your Netflix membership, which...
  5. vedula.k95

    Is this website copying all the contents of digit forums?

    I made an inquiry about change in broadband service to which no user replied. i visited back the thread,as well i searched for it via google, this page popped-up with exact same content made by me on broadband section. the same is present in his page :-o :-o i will paste both the links for...
  6. G

    Storage solution for my movies for easy accessibility

    Hey folks, I have 2 TB of movies, TV shows and few personal snaps. Movies and TV shows are all downloaded from internet and i dont like to delete them. I have them stored in 4 internal HDDs. I need to have a way to Store all these media content properly and back it properly. Easily access...
  7. S

    Whats your favorite humor/tp site?

    Was just searching on net for some good rare humor.Most of the sites had the old ghisepite jokes. I somewhat liked LiQUiD CheeZ - Fun just got yummier, though it had quality content but still the quantity needs to be much more. What’s your fav tp site?
  8. Desmond

    The next Unreal Tournament to be released free.

    How awesome it that? Source :
  9. anky

    How to make a dynamic android application

    hello friends, i want to make an app which updates the content itself, i have only made static apps until now and i don't have not much idea how to make such types of app. I want to make an app like news reader like which updates the content like score of a cricket tournament or job alerts or...
  10. tamatarpakoda

    By Demand [2014]

    Demands can also be made by e-mail, story ideas and other suggestions (Fast Track ideas, design, demands for specific articles etc) Suggestions for DVD content, mail links or suggestions to...
  11. Allu Azad

    Lets build our own internet, with blackjack and hookers

    Project Grey | Lets build our own internet, with blackjack and hookers.
  12. Ashish1@1

    SD- HD FHD TV problem

    I just bought a Toshiba FHD PT200 And everything has gone hay wire since :( The SD content looks bad and I dont want tata sky HD as it takes a premium for HD access My questions 1. Give some settings to watch SD content properly 2. Give some DTH operator with attractive HD offers...
  13. quagmire

    Google introduces Chromecast to stream content to TV

    Google Chrome Blog: From TVs to tablets: Everything you love, across all your screens Chromecast hardware specs Marvell DE3005 SoC Product Brief - Armada 15002 - built-in GPU Vivante GC1000(3D graphics GC1000...
  14. Anorion

    features of a perfect digital distrubution service

    what are the features of a perfect digital distribution service? - file available in multiple file formats and multiple sizes (no clue why this is not done already, it's so obvious) - drm free, unsure abt this one, drm may help and facilitate these services, maybe option at a premium - entire...
  15. V

    India ranks 2nd globally in seeking web user data: Google

    Sources: ThinkDigit, The Times Of India
  16. K

    Free Music from Flyte ;)

    Offer valid till 28th February due to it's birthday :) So go & download original content as much as you can...
  17. U

    Lack of 4k content can be a threat for 4k TV buying?

    How many of you believe that lacking 4k contents in the industry can be a real threat for 4k TV buyers? And is it wise enough to purchase 4k TV even after knowing that majority of 4k content is still restricted to production houses? Please share your views on this.
  18. D

    1.5 yrs of data lost??

    Hi all, I have a 1 TB WD external harddisk(My Passport). Yesterday I tried to connect it to my system and to my horror, it didn't showed in the My Computers where all the drives are shown. I tried many times and after a while it started showing there. But now the problem is that whenever I...
  19. baiju

    Help - Opera blocks flipkart

    Since the past few days, I can't access flipkart from opera. It used to work before that. The message shown is There is no items in the list of the blocked contents. I can access FP using Firefox. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  20. S

    3D Content availability through Digital set top box

    I own a 3D TV. The furore about the digitization seems to be blowing out of proportion.I am yet not convinced that I should invest in a set top box. Will the set top box be able to receive 3D content that I can view on my 3D TV?
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