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Lets build our own internet, with blackjack and hookers

Allu Azad

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Project Grey | Lets build our own internet, with blackjack and hookers.

The Pirate Bay, delving further into the anti-censorship battle, may have just invented a new type of internet, hosted peer-to-peer, and maintained using the Bitcoin protocol.

Love them or hate them, The Pirate Bay are always ahead of the curve when it comes to digital rights, especially when it comes to copyright, DRM and censorship. Now I'm not one to say 'they give me free ****, awesome hur dur'. Artist remuneration is important to me and in many senses TPB circumvents this. But the current copyright system is broken. Fractions of the dollar go to the artists, and the archaic content distribution models mean lots of content can't be seen legally without a 100 channels of cable or a $40 DVD.


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Actually I have never invested in software stuffs and digital media ever (except a copy of Win 7 and McAfee that came preinstalled on my laptop).. I owe them a lot :D


I hope they can somehow convert UDP trackers into HTTP trackers because UDP trackers doesn't work at my place. :(

(Some firewall restrictions I guess :rolleyes:)


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It is not impossible, yet very hard and difficult to maintain. Also, would people actually want to host content over it? Legitimate businesses would probably steer clear of this one. However, if more people adopt it, then more people could host. Speaking of hosting, where would you host your websites? I mean, even if someone sets up a dedicated hosting service on this network, could they be trusted, this being a P2P network and what not?

Edit : If TPB moves itself to this network, then they could avoid being taken down again once and for all.

They are always ahead. Magnet links, drones and now this

I don't think the drones idea was fruitful. I think it was an April Fool's joke or something.
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