1. A

    Please suggest good 2.1

    Please suggest the best 2.1 speakers with FM and Bluetooth, for under 5k. I want to use it as a home sound system and won't be connecting it to my pc. :) :-D
  2. H

    TV vs Moniter

    I'm looking for a 24 inch LED screen Budget is around 10k Good colour capabilities preferably 1080p Will be mostly used for connecting with laptop to browse the internet watch films and play games, or connecting a PlayStation. What moniters would be worth the buy? Does it make any...
  3. D

    Connecting my laptop with ATI HD 6770M to a HD TV ?

    I have a HP 6140tx laptop which has the GPU HD 6770M, I tried to connect it using HDMI cable but the resolution and pixel density was low, It looked like the output was with the support of a graphics card, where as I tried with the VGA cable to the HD TV, the output was really perfect. I am...
  4. M

    Server unreachable/ DNS server unavailable on some devices

    I connect to the internet through a Netgear router and have Airtel Broadband at home. All mobiles, tabs, laptops and 1 desktop at home of the entire family connect to the internet through the wifi system. However, I have been facing a strange issue for the last few days - everything was...
  5. M

    bitlocker encrypted pen drive not getting decrypted.

    I have Encrypted my 32 GB sandisk dual pendrive through default utility BITLOCKER available in windows 7. I have also given password to it via bitlocker. but, now i want to remove password of it , when i enter password after connecting it to pc for unlocking through bitlocker, it...
  6. N

    150+ RPM difference in fans due to extension?

    I used two 3 pin extensions for connecting Fan 2 & 3 to the motherboard because the cord wasn't long enough and connecting directly to 4 pin molex made them sound like a jet engine. Why is there a 150RPM difference between the extended fans and the fan directly connected to the motherboard...
  7. G

    Want to buy a gaming laptop under40k

    I want to buy a laptop with good configuration which can support games like assassin creed,fifa also i want to avoid buying hp and dell as they have problem with connecting through wifi, but please do suggest them.
  8. B

    [Query] TP link service centers in Kerala

    My TP-LINK modem was struck by lightening yday. and now it is not connecting to internet. i have another modem (teracom), it is connecting fine in the same DSL line. My modem is under warranty. So when i talked with customer care person, he told me courier the device to mumbai. I want know why...
  9. K

    Videocon TV shows not supported when connecting computer with HDMI

    Hey guys, I just bought a new Videocon 40 inch LED (VKC40FH) and tried connecting my computer to it using an HDMI cable. But once it boots up, after the BIOS screen and windows logo, the screen goes blank and shows 'not supported'. It works fine if I connect it to my old Samsung TV using HDMI...
  10. T

    Android mobile not connecting to wifi

    Micromax Canvas 2.2 is not connecting to netgear wnr612 router although other devices are connecting properly, while tapping the ssid , nothing happens ...says "Saved, secured by wpa2-psk" ...have reset wifi in cell phone n also router bt nothing changed
  11. G

    buying a new 3D TV please suggest

    Hi guys i am planning to buy a new TV , mostly i am going to watch normal TV (SD,HD) watch movie by connecting it over HDMI to my laptop or HDD and yeah play games in 3D by connecting my lenovo y510p so i am inclined to 3D , smart is not a requirement for me and i dont care as i can do all...
  12. N

    No sound from the monitor

    Hello, I purchased a dell monitor S2240L after some members from this forum said its good. I have been using it for past 8 months or so by connecting it to my GPU Asus HD 7790(another nice suggestion from here) and getting sound via headphone by connecting it to the audio port on the...
  13. B

    Connect Old CRT TV to Bluetooth/Wired Headphones, possible ??

    Hello, I have an old CRT TV (Samsung EasyView+ DNle) in my Bedroom and i'm thinking of connecting it to the headphones (Bluetooth or Wired) so that I can watch matches late without disturbing others. The back panel of the TV looks something as attached in the Screenshot. I tried connecting...
  14. rakz

    Problem connecting to PPPoe

    Model : TP-Link TD-W8968 Firmware Version:0.6.0 1.3 v0005.0 Build 131226 Rel.33881n Hardware Version:TD-W8968 v1 00000000 Hello. I am having problem connecting to the PPPoe using the EWAN port. I'm facing this problem since a few days ago, before which it was perfectly fine. I'm not...
  15. webdesigncut

    Seagate hardisk 80gb within a case not connecting to pc

    Hello I am using a seagate 80gb harddisk which is placed inside a case and i am having problems connecting it to pc, i bought this years back don't remember .. it gave me issues like this earlier .. so i kept it aside but few days back when i opened it and formatted it .. i saw it connecting to...
  16. V

    A good Wifi modem within 2K.

    hello guys,, I have BSNL broadband connection since 2008, but now i want other devices to be connected with Wifi. So planning to buy modem+router(combined) within 2000Rs. So please suggest me a router which has good wifi range, no signal drop and good connectivity. I will be connecting 2...
  17. S

    Modem not connecting to internet

    i have a tplink 8961 on an mtnl was working fine until now,when it is not connecting to the internet.after restarting it,it works for about 5 minutes,then the adsl and internet light goes out,along with the keeps tries to reconnect around every 5-10 minutes,but it...
  18. B

    TP link MR-3020 + prithvi UE100 having trouble setting up a connection. :n00b alert:

    I got MR3020 3 days ago, tried it with huawei E169 data card with idea sim, it worked fine [tested using wifi on my phone, not using ethernet on PC] But its not working with BSNL EVDO Prithvi UE100 data card :( I entered all the details and left the APN blank as told by the reviewer in this...
  19. V

    lightning strike on my pc

    hii friends yesterday i was cleaning my pc then thought i should share a incident i am having i local internet broadband,2 years back,at night i left the internet cable connected to my pc and it was raining & thundering outside i wake up in the morning i was connecting my internet but it...
  20. Lord073

    Monitor display problem

    Hi, I woke up this morning, switched on my PC, everything was going well until suddenly my monitor's display went a bit dim & some kind of grain or something–sorry, don't know what to call it–showed up all over my screen. It's looks like, you know, a bad analog cable connection when there are...
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