buying a new 3D TV please suggest


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Hi guys

i am planning to buy a new TV ,
mostly i am going to watch normal TV (SD,HD) watch movie by connecting it over HDMI to my laptop or HDD
and yeah play games in 3D by connecting my lenovo y510p
so i am inclined to 3D , smart is not a requirement for me and i dont care as i can do all things by connecting my laptop to a normal one.
also atleast i am looking for 40" screen and my budget would be as high as 70000INR

right now i have in my mind LG 42LB6200 and LG 42LA6130 both are 3D both are around 66K i think.
but in both these model the refersh rate is give as Dynamic MCI (Hz)100 (50Hz)
i read in reviews that a 3D TV should be atleast 60Hz. please help

also i am open to LG Sony and Samsung



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Go check out Sony's new collection.
only these two will come in my budget i guess from sony

still costly and smart though i dont need it to be smart
i guess both are passive

and LG in order i can afford them is


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Go for KDL42850A. I have this one. Picture Quality is awesome. Passive 3D is awesome too.

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I don't use Smart TV features too. I have 2 laptops. :rolleyes:


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^^ I think 850 series is stopped, we wanted to go for 42 " 850W, but sony showroom guy said the model is stopped, other showrooms also confirmed the same and told only display piece is available.
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