Laptop Or Desktop? What should i buy?


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Hello members of TDF.
I am moving to college this year.I will take admission in B.Tech in CSE this year :).I am going to buy a PC but confused over what should i prefer.I am confused over what should i buy a laptop or desktop.I will use it for gaming(Games like BattleField,COD).I will use it for programming.I watch alot of movies now and will use it for watching movies also.First of all i will tell you my budget my budget is 40K Rs. (can add 5K more if the product is much better).What should i Prefer?
I have currently a HP G6- 1318ax laptop.But it is a AMD laptop and hangs alot.Thinking of selling it i will get 5-7K after selling it.

What will i do with my new PC:-

1. I will use it for gaming.I would play Battlefield 3,4 COD-Titles GTA 4,V.And newer iteration of the games.

2. I will do CSE so, i will do alot programming.Before suggesting keep this in mind.


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I think a desktop won't be a very viable as its not portable and for presentations he can't take his desktop to a laptop is viable :)
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