1. bkpeerless

    want 2 buy 2tb external hdd plz suggest

    I want to buy 2 tb external hdd. Can you saggest which one to buy. In flip kart the range is form 7k to 10 k so I am confused. Also I heard Seagate is not reliable. By budget is 7 k.
  2. P

    MAC or Windows???

    Confused really really confused??? I have been using Windows since 2001 when i was in 3rd standard now engineering student IT. Now need to buy a new Ultrabook. I just LOVE MAC BOOK AIR but i havent used MAC b4. I have no idea abt it my budget is smwhere abt 60k can vary a bit, and i m confused...
  3. bukaida

    How is Dell 20 inch 2030 M led monitor ?

    I know that many of the digit members are using this. I am considering of buying one. Confused between Samsung 20 inch and this one. Specifications are almost identical but Dell is about 1000 rs cheaper. Not sure about A.S.S of Dell monitor. Please suggest. I have gone through the reviews of...
  4. Baker

    Mechanical engineer fresher--- what to do next

    guys , this is for my cousin , he is 2013 passed out. and in his college all the campus placement happened for IT companies . so he is confused with how or where to start job search... can any one guide him..? Thanks in advance
  5. digit i am thinking

    Xperia L vs Xperia M ?

    Xperia L and M both have almost same h/w specs(L has 8M cam and M has 5M cam) Xperia M is expected to launch this month at abt 19,000 to 20,000 INR.(that's more than L). I want to ask is it worth to wait for xperia M? What is advantage of M over L (except dual SIM) Which one to buy? :confused:
  6. IndianRambo

    Help me to buy new WiFi router

    Hi guys I'm using Airtel broadband in my PC. I want to setup Wi-Fi in my home which is 2500sqft. I really confused whether to take router alone or along with modem. My personal need is to connect internet and file sharing to laptop,tablet and my mobile
  7. icebags

    need guidance with oracle apps.

    ok, i know oracle sql/plsql,forms,reports pretty well, but those seems not in as much demand anymore. so, trying to learn oracle apps technical. can anyone help me with this ? to start with, tell me how to set up the system, i am very confused with so many oracle apps modules out there. :-o
  8. B router or modem+router combo?? confused

    hi friends , I am using a bsnl 's adsl modem on broadbañd connection from 2008. it is. a T-KD 318EUI and running I want to share my bbnd conn. with my tablet,laptop and smartphones I am bit confused in it, should I put forward a wi-fi router on my modem or I would...
  9. K

    Vry confused in choosing mobile <20k,help me plz

    1. Budget? 15k,can also extend upto 18,19k vry max if it's worth really... 2. Display type and size? 4 or above 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? bar 4. Preferred choice of brand? sony,nokia,samsung(last choice), no htc,motorola plz, can also suggest other than dis.. 5...
  10. M

    The same old laptop quest

    Hi guys, I know that this is a repeating question for u all.... But i am confused.... I want to buy a lap.... Purpose: Browsing, gaming (fifa mainly... but want to play all kind) And i want to install some dev softs like oracle db and visual studio etc etc.... and a good battery backup...
  11. S

    Corsair VS450 vs Antec P450P,which one is better?

    Hello. I am looking to buy new Power supply for my PC. My PC config is- core i3 - 2120 2'nd generation Gigabyte B75M-D3H mobo 6 Gb DDR RAM 2TB + 1TB + 500 GB HDD after searching on web finally I have found these two, but I am bit confused between these two? some say antec is...
  12. ankush28

    confused between laptop vs. desktop :(

    I am engineering student i want to buy my first computer and i am confused between HP g6-2202ax(costs 27k Online Store ) laptop and an assembled pc (intel 3rd gen i3-3210 Gigabyte GA-B75M Corsair 4GB value RAM Dell IN1930 Zebronics bijli cabinet Corsair get chaep 400watt iball KB/M...
  13. ankush28

    desktop vs laptop :( totally confused help me

    I am engineering student i want to buy my first computer and i am confused between HP g6-2202ax(costs 27k Online Store ) laptop and an assembled pc ( intel 3rd gen i3-3210 Gigabyte GA-B75M Corsair 4GB value RAM Dell IN1930 Zebronics bijli cabinet Corsair get chaep 400watt...
  14. masterkd

    Galaxy S3 or Nexus 4

    Hi guys, Just received the info that Nexus 4 is on preorder in flipkart I was planning to buy an S3 soon but now I am confused between the two. So please help me decide. Thanks in advance.
  15. T

    confused over my next upgrade!!!

    Confused over what should be my next upgrade over Smartphone/Desktop/Laptop/Tablet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cryeyesout: Priorities are heavy Internet surfing/Downloading. I want to have a machine that can play latest games whenever I want. I don't want to cry when I find out that my machine doesn't have...
  16. A

    AMD vs INTEL

    i want to buy a laptop under 35k.., but m confused dat which preocessor wud b gud for me. i want a laptop dat could b able to run complex IDEs for programming n games n mulimedia too. m confused between AMD A8 and Intel C-I5... plz help me... i can extend my budget 2k-3k... thanx...
  17. R

    Confused ! Modem ? Router ?

    Hiii guyz, Need a good entry level Wi-fi Router. What are features I should look for. I'll be using Wifi on My Phone and Tab. Confused when some people say modem ! Router ! Please help me out with a good reliable brand.
  18. F

    BlackBerry Q10

    I am quite confused about which cell to buy. I have my eyes on blackberry q10. Should I buy blackberry q10?
  19. S

    Tablet Confused? :-?

    Recently Launched Spice mi 1010 got my eyes on. I am confused between the three Tabs: 1. Spice Mi 1010 2. Karbonn Smart Tab 10 3. Iball Slide i9702 I want A budget Tab Having Dual-core processor, Quad Mali 400 GPU, Android 4.1, and the most a 10.1 or 9.7 inch screen. I want it For...
  20. M

    Nikon S6300 or S6400?

    I want to but a point and shoot with full HD. I am confused between s6300 and s6400. Which one will be better? Any other suggestion.
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