1. TechnoBOY

    Google set to announce Android M later this month

    Google set to announce Android M later this month - news
  2. G

    US holds 1st global conference on ‘Defending Dalit Rights’

    :evil: US holds 1st global conference on ?Defending Dalit Rights? | Eprahaar How Blacks are being treated in their own country by their police does not concern them. Suddenly Rajiv Malhotra's Breaking India makes much sense. Church 'fighting' for the rights of 'Dalit Christians' and at the...
  3. iittopper

    E3 2014

    Wow , note even a single topic made yet ? Timing 9th June - Microsoft - IGN Pre-Show (9.30 PM) Conference Timings (10.00 PM) 10th June - EA: IGN Pre-Show (12.00AM) Conference Timings (12.30 AM) 10th June - Ubisoft: IGN Pre-Show (3.00 AM) Conference Timings (3.30 AM) 10th June - Sony: IGN...
  4. $hadow

    Android 4.5 arrives in July along with Google Nexus 8

  5. criztle

    the hackers conference

    source :The Hackers Conference 2012 - International IT Security Conference must see
  6. cyborg47

    Need for Speed Most Wanted reboot

    From the facebook page of Need for Speed.
  7. S

    Help preparing for International Conference !!

    Hi Their is going to be International Conference Regarding Recent Trends in IT which is supposed to be held in "Thakur College" between 9 to 10 December. In it, my abstract got submitted and i have been invited for giving presentation in the "International Conference" My topic is "Cloud...
  8. vamsi_krishna

    E3 2011 Discussion

    The 17th Electronic Entertainment Expo, is going to be conducted between June 7-9, 2011. At Los Angeles Convention Center. Few companies already gave their programs for E3 Sony's press conference will be conducted on June 6,2001 at 5PM PST. Microsoft's Press conference is going to be...
  9. devgujar

    Visit to Nullcon-Goa-2011(An international security & hacking conference)

    An international Annual security was held on 25th-26th Feb-11 @ hotel Zuri, South-Goa organized by Null. Null is an active security community running in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bhopal, Bangalore & Pune. Null having monthly meets and regular security awareness camps in various Institutions...
  10. Rahim

    First KDE Conference in India First KDE Conference in India Shantanu Tushar The Indian KDE community will organize its first conference at Bengaluru in March 2011. The 5 day event will bring together KDE contributors, Qt developers, users and FOSS enthusiasts. We realise that there are not many KDE/Qt...
  11. A

    Malware Conference - Malcon

    Malcon is the worlds first platform bringing together Malware and Information Security Researchers from across the globe to share key research insights into building and containment of the next generation malwares . Venue Mumbai & pune (India) Date 2nd n 3rd and 5th December 2010...
  12. NewsBytes

    Today’s iPhone 4 conference = old bullshit + new case

    Speaking of preventable disasters, today’s conference about iPhone has just ended, and it went pretty much the way you’d expect. Apple did nothing wrong, they love their users, all phones have this problem, blah blah Cutting through Steve Jobs’s extended eloquent prose...
  13. C

    Anyone from Varanasi ? Pls help

    I went to Varanasi to attend conference ELECTRO '09 during Dec 22-24. I stayed in Hotel Jaslok @ Luxa Road.At that time used auto to reach BHU to attend the conference. At that time I did not know that auto numbers will be needed to complete my TA re-reimbursement claim. I need some (at least 6...
  14. NucleusKore

    Wireless power system shown off

    Source: A system that can deliver power to devices without the need for wires has been shown off at a hi-tech conference. The technique exploits simple physics and can be used to charge a range of electronic devices. Eric Giler, chief...
  15. soumya

    Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) Due in 1st Quarter of 2009?

    Apple's Director of Engineering of Unix Technologies Jordan Hubbard spoke at LISA '08 last week. LISA (or Large Installation System Administration Conference) is a technical conference targeted at engineers and system administrators. This year's conference invited Apple's Jordan Hubbard to speak...
  16. din

    Boycott Novell Protesters Man-handled at National Conference on Free Software 2008

    I am not sure whether it can be discussed here, anyway Please have a look Boycott Novell Protesters Man-handled at National Conference on Free Software 2008 From the blog entry .. Another link Friendly ‘Boycott Novell’ Supportes Robbed of Voice
  17. bhunnu16

    Windows 7 to be shown in PDC 2008

    Want to try Windows next OS named Windows 7...come October. Windows 7 will be unveiled at the Professional Developers Conference 2008, on October 28th. It will be pre-beta release and will be revealed through a keynote.
  18. praka123

    Microsoft to ODF Technical Committee: Come Enter the Belly of the Beast

  19. T

    Sabeer Bhatia launches

    another effort by Sabeer bhatia to get success as he got with hotmail, but with no other project Source
  20. ssk_the_gr8

    Bill Gates, Steve Jobs Share Stage at D Conference

    guys check out this link
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