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Google set to announce Android M later this month


The latest iteration of Google's mobile operating system, currently codenamed Android M, will be announced this month. It will be be unveiled at the company's annual I/O developer conference, which kicks off May 28
The info is based on the description of an I/O session in the conference agenda, mentioning the word "Android M". That session has since been removed from from Google's I/O website.

Although the details are scarce, it was revealed that the mobile OS will be enterprise-focused, and will provide a service - dubbed Voice Access - that Google claims "gives anyone access to their Android device through voice alone."
Google set to announce Android M later this month - GSMArena.com news


Looks like they want to change the name asap.. Lollipop was a disaster for many users.
What would m stand for??
Maggi, muffin, masala?


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Its possible that they would name it MilkyWay under contract with Mars Inc., like they did with KitKat and Nestle.

It could also be Marshmallow.


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Since kitkat I have started saying 4.4.4. Saying that it is running kitkat or lollipop sounds a bit weird to me. :mrgreen:


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Just what that tasty treat will be is not yet known. Most speculation refers to Android M as Android Milkshake or Android Marshmallow. Our personal favourites are Android Mars and Android Milky Way - although Google insists KitKat was named after the Nestle product simply because it liked KitKats, we could be about to see another Nestle tie-up here. (Robots and spacemen go together in our minds in any case.)

Other potential names might include Android Malteser, Android Macaroon, Android Meringue Pie (forget the lemon), Android Moon Pie, Android Mint and Android Milk Dud.

Android M release date and new feature rumours and speculation - PC Advisor


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Probably should. We don't know what version number it would be.

It's very likely that it could only be 5.2, in which case UI won't be very different.


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wow another OS to ruin my Nexus 5 and 7 performance I guess
Im no longer interested in stock roms after 5.1 release,Im gonna go full CM from now on if I ever need an android
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