1. S

    SSD Compatibility. NVME not detected in BIOS

    BLOT:- Which m.2 SSD will be compatible? I have Asus-Vivobook-R542Uq-DM275T i-7 8th gen Upgraded 2x8 GB Ram (Original 1x8GB-2400 MHz) One installed SSD WD Green SATA One HDD in Caddy My question is I have a m.2 port...
  2. G

    Graphics card compatibility

    Does veriton m5610 motherboard support any of these cards - gtx 1050 ti or rx 460?
  3. A

    Parts decided - Please advice if they are compatible.

    Hi guys, I have decided to buy the following parts for my mid budget gaming PC. Graphic card is not included as I am going to buy a good graphic card in next two months and dont want to compromise on it by buying now .. :) Also I already have a Dell S2240L monitor 24 inch -- 1920 x 1080 at 60...
  4. Hrishi

    Corsair VS550 compatibility concerns!

    So I was in hurry and I bought Corsair VS550 without checking actual reviews for gaming builds. I did see that similarly priced Antec PSU , but I though Corsair ones were better . :facepalm: . Didn't realize that the one I was buying is the most basic one from Corsair. Any ways , so my...
  5. L

    compatibility earphones for lumia

    Is " soundmagic ES18 " are compatibility earphones for nokia lumia 520 ?
  6. A

    Graphic Card Buying and Compatibility Advice

    Hey all.. I need a graphics card buying and compatibility advice. This will be my first graphic card purchase. My Budget : 5.5k I am currently looking at HD6670GDDR5...
  7. april

    Cpu-motherboard compatibility.

    i am a newbie. i don't really have the knowledge or experience needed to start a thread of hardware discussion. but when i bought my PC a few years ago, i bought a Intel core 2 duo 7300 2.66gh CPU and a gigabyte GA-G31M-S2L motherboard on shops suggestion. however, after i bought that someone...
  8. sanny16

    what does one look in a motherboard before purchasing?

    How does one select a motherboard while assembling the system? How does one know about compatibility one component with other?
  9. U

    smartphones compatibility for the LG TV Remote App

    Which model smartphones are compatible for the LG TV Remote App?
  10. RON28

    how to assemble a pc?

    can anyone just give me the link of any website regarding how to assemble a pc for first time, with diagrams or pictures in simple and easy language :) actually want to know each and every part of pc, there compatibility issues etc, :)
  11. M

    nVidia chipset MoBo-Intel 520 SSD compatibility?

    I am planning to get Intel 520 series based SSD for my comp. I have nvidia chipset based MoBo (See my siggy) and I have heard that SF 2281 based SSDs have some compatibility problem with nvidia chipset based MoBos especially under AHCI mode. Can somebody please let me know if this is true?
  12. nikolain

    World's Best Closed Loop Liquid Coolers are here !!!

    Seeing the current scenario of the Computer Cooling Industry (especially Liquid Cooling), I established SVG TECH in 2010, since then i have been working on manufacturing Liquid coolers here in India at a cheaper rate and finally now they are ready. As a side product i have launched Air Coolers...
  13. Gauravs90

    meelectronics sx31p-bk

    I've brought meelectronics sx31p-bk with inline mic from lynx only to know that it's not compatible with my nokia c5. It has 6 months warranty. Bought on 31st aug 2011. So its brand new. For checking compatibility go to this website
  14. V

    Need advice on mobo!

    I have an intel h61ww mobo with 4gb ram and nvidia gtx 560 (1GB) gc. Is SLI possible on this mobo? I have an old zotac GeForce 9600 that I'd like to use if possible. Should I upgrade my RAM too? Will there be any compatibility issues between the 2 gc's(DX10 and DX11)? Need a swift answer. Please...
  15. D

    External TV tuner

    Hi I am looking for an external tv tuner (must with av in and vga out)..Should be compatible with lcd monitor(crt compatibility is a plus).:razz: If anybody selling,please let me know. Thank you
  16. I

    compatibility issues

    hi friends, i have got an ati radeon 5450 and 300 watts power supply. i would like to upgrade the graphic card. do i need to increase the power supply? if yes than are thr any compatibility issues for upgrading smps and even graphic card?
  17. Anish


    Hi frnds, I am newbie to computers, and i want to know about the compatibility of computer hardwares.. for eg: a particular mobo supports a particular microprocessor, which graphic card a mobo supports, all about chip set in a mobo, Please do recommend a site for the same TIA
  18. justme101

    Re: how to find compatibility between GPU and motherboards

    hey guys i've been seeing a lot of awesome graphics cards coming up and i've love a to get a new one...but i dont have any idea if a new graphics card would work with my is there any site where i can get a compatibility test done between motherboards and graphics cards...!!????
  19. F

    Got my N900 ! <<pics and impressions>>

    Hey Guys ! So i finally succumbed and went in for the Nokia N900 and i must say it was the correct decision. The device while slightly thick , feels really good in the hand. The keyboard may take a bit of time to get used. The screen is THE best resistive TS i've used... in fact i'd go as...
  20. anzaan

    IE8 - compatibility view

    Hi ppl i just cant understand the "compatibility view" feature IE8. when i save a file, it sometimes gets saved as "compatibilty view" n m nt able to view it under normal mode. i just dnt understand the need of this view.. can someone throw more light on this idea of "compatibility view"???
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