1. B

    Buying laptop from and importing to india

    I have been thinking of buying a sager np8151 with 8 gb ram and a gtx 1060 from . I compared a lot and the sager laptop is much Cheaper when compared to laptops in india with the same specs. My main concern is will i face any problems in repairs or anything else? i need a laptop by...
  2. Cyberghost

    International Products Quality In India?

    Does International products have the same quality in India compared to other countries. I have started this doubt after I used a foreign Vicks Vaporub compared to Indian one its quality is astonishing and highly effective. Does other companies also cripple the quality of their products to sell...
  3. I

    Tired of PC Gaming Arms Race. How can it be improved?

    Hi all! I have recently been thinking about wasteful the PC Gaming arms race is. We end up buying expensive hardware just to realise that they are outdated in a few years time. As compared to consoles where optimisation is heavily carried out to gain amazing results(considering how weak the...
  4. SaiyanGoku

    LG G4 is official

    LG G4 is official, strong on design and photography features - news LG G4 - Full phone specifications Disappointed by battery capacity, should've been 3500mAh atleast.
  5. maverick786us

    Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 2014 Edition

    Can someone tell me the price of this Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition that has 2560 X 1600 resolution? * In Amazon US it costs onlt 325 US$. Compared to iPad...
  6. K

    Toshiba or ASUS ?

    Hi Guys, Need suggestion between these two Laptops which one should I go for. Toshiba - ..:: Toshiba Laptops ::.. ASUS - Notebooks & Ultrabooks - X55U and also how would this model from Asus be when compared to the Toshiba one. To begin with the comparison is pretty simple Toshiba has a...
  7. T

    IEM's or Headphones

    Hi, I need new headphones/IEM's. I was leaning a bit towards Headphones because they are more comfortable, but what about some good IEM's? How is the sound quality(specially Bass) of IEM's compared to Headphones for Rs.2000 and more? Could you recommend some Headphones and IEM's ? I...
  8. Tejo

    Best mobile at this time..need advice

    With the recent launch of Note3, Xperia Z1, LG G2 etc.. I am rather perplexed at which one I should choose... Z1 is very good in looks and specs, but the reviews say its not at all worthy for the price..G2 for instance - I m not sure of it and its brand... I was very much interested at Note 3...
  9. kbar1

    42 in. non-3D HDTV for 55k

    40/42 in. non-3D HDTV for 60k Hi all. Looking to buy a 40/42" full HD, non-3D TV for about 60k. Visited a few showrooms in the vicinity and the best deal I got was a LG 42" LED-backlit LCD for 52k. Sony's products were a bit on the astronomical side compared to LG.. :-? For example, LG 47"...
  10. darkv0id

    The JBL J88s

    I was just browsing for a pair of headphones and I stumbled across The JBL J88 on Flipkart. So I cross check the price on Amazon, and well... see for yourself. Sooo.. 1. WTF is up with this insane price difference (~Rs. 4000)? Aren't electronics supposed to be, like, cheaper the US...
  11. izzikio_rage

    Buying a mirrorless camera

    Hey guys, have been an avid clicker for quite some time and have been wanting to upgrade my camera for a year now. Wanted to go for a mirrorless cam for these reasons 1. awesome pic quality compared to Point and shoots 2. a fraction of the bulk and weight of DSLRs 3. lenses are now...
  12. F

    sony xperia u or sony ericsson xperia ray?

    guys i have to buy a phone this week.i've sorted out two phones.the xperia u and ericcson xperia ray. could you suggest me which one i should go for? the U has no memory card slot and the ray is not supported by sony anymore,also ray has 3.3 inch display compared to 3.5 of xperia u. also...
  13. M

    Confused between samsung 40ES5600 & LG 42LS5700..pls advise

    hello All, I have to finalise a LED this week and models which I have shortlisted are Samsung 40ES5600 & LG 42LS5700. (both are FHD smart LEDs) Best quote is 53.5k for LG with magic motion remote. Best quote for Samsung is 59k with skype camera & wifi-dongle included as freebies...
  14. E

    Sony XBA-3

    Introduction:- Hello everyone,this is my first post :razz: and I will be doing a basic review of the XBA-3 with the popular Sennheiser IE 8 being my reference. Note that the IE 8 is just for reference purposes and i prefer to have a reference for a review. Reason i choose the IE 8 is I find...
  15. sling-shot

    Download good quality advertisement clips - From where?

    Due to some or other reason we will like some of the ads that run on TV channels. We may like to save them. Presently I use YouTube or rarely the original advertiser's site (not the ad agency). But invariably they turn out to be lower quality videos compared to what is seen on TV. Is there...
  16. summers

    LED TV as a Monitor

    Can a full HD LED TV be used as a monitor for Desktop for multimedia purposes?? If so, will there be a difference in image quality when compared to a Full HD Monitor...?? Please suggest any cons of this setup too.
  17. pritamk

    buying phone online

    i came across this website Buy Watches, Perfumes, Computers, Jewelry, Accessories in India - has anyone bought from this site? prices seem very low compared to other websites like flipkart and yebhi HTC One X - Android 4.0 8MP Mobile phone - Sealed Pack -
  18. Faun

    MEElectronics A161P review: Articulate and Musical

    A couple of weeks back I got a nice surprise in mail. A full range balanced armature offering from MEElectronics, A161P. What amazes me the most is the musicality and inoffensive highs maintained despite of the lean presentation. It's a nice balance that the engineers at MEElectronics settled...
  19. N

    Lenovo after sales support??

    Thinking to buy either Lenovo Z570 or Inspiron 15R in next 15-20 days. The thing which is tempting me towards Z570 is its configuration which is available at around 42.5k. But is it really worthy to purchase as I have heard that after sales service is not that much good if compared with Dell...
  20. R

    Should i buy HTC Explorer from Tradus

    Hi guys, Thinking to buy HTC Explorer from Tradus.. Wanted to buy from flipkart but there its costly by 1k as compared to tradus I wanted to know How is tradus service and reliability as compared to flipkart. Tradus also does not show in how many days will it ship the product, so am...
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