1. patkim

    What is this Malware - Exploit.JS.Pdfka.PIQ?

    Hi, I recently downloaded the ITR1 xls IncomeTax Returns form from the official website of Incometax India e-filling. The moment I unzipped the file, my Comodo Antivirus blocked access to it stating that it has virus/malware in it. Scanning it on shows Comodo identifying...
  2. quicky008

    Frustatingly slow boot times after installing comodo firewall 10

    I recently installed comodo free firewall 10 on my system as i was not satisfied with the lacklustre feature set of the default firewall that's included with windows 10.However i was surprised to find that the booting time of my system has increased drastically after installing the firewall and...
  3. ariftwister

    Problem With Firewall Settings

    I have used tiny wall as my firewall before a week or so. Due to some reasons tinywall didnt work properly. It always doesnt allow me to connect. So I disabled the firewall option in tinywall and uninstalled it and now installed COMODO firewall. Now COMODO says that firewall isnt configured...
  4. lakeport

    The Alternative Browser thread

    Well most of the people know only a few web browsers. The most popular browsers i've heard of are the usual chrome/FF/opera. So i've decided to compile a list of alternative browsers that i've used. Feel free to add your own. If i am unable to update this thread for some reason, i request the...
  5. J

    LOST important files in comodo TIME MACHINE

    I have been successfully using Comodo time machine since last 1year. a few days back while looking for a file i recovered my past snapshot without creating a new one for my present stuff. I had turned off automatic snapshots so all files in my pc are lost. Is there any way now to recover those...
  6. rezurect007

    Freeware Firewall?

    Looking for a light Freeware firewall. Kindly suggest with reviews or Testing results. Looking at Comodo vs Private Firewall. Also looking at other options.
  7. vaibhav23

    Data usage of internet increases to 15mb only on opening google

    I have formatted my pc on this Tuesday and after that installed avast and comodo firewall.But found that I am getting bad download speeds.So I uninstalled Comodo and after that see that my usage has gone to 15MB in 6 min on opening google.The usage goes on increasing Before I used Kaspersky...
  8. meetdilip

    USB Firewall

    I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit. Please suggest a good USB firewall software (paid or free) to use with Avast Free + Comodo Free Firewall. Thanks.
  9. Tech.Masti

    Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011 Free for 1 year 8)

    Comodo is now offering $50 worth of Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011 completely free for 1 year *
  10. L

    Play NFS Underground 2 Online with comodo

    hello...when hamachi wants to money for playing a game ;so we start to use comodo easy vpn which is you can easily play nfs underground2 with comodo easy vpn program ...join our big network.... race with the masters now... 50 online racer per day in our comodo network download...
  11. Sridhar_Rao

    Comodo firewall on 64-bit Windows7

    A system running on 64-bit Win7, running Kaspersky AV. Downloaded Comodo firewall (64-bit). Disabled windows firewall. Installed Comodo firewall, installation successful. Windows goes for toss, Kaspersky became inaccessible, windows shortcuts non-functional, system restore not working, frequent...
  12. L

    SVCHOST error in Windows XP

    Hello All I m having Core i3 system with Windows XP-SP2. AV is Avast, Firewall is Comodo. Whenever I connect to internet after few minutes Comodo is giving error for SVCHOST process and Windows is also throwing error. A screenshot of the error is attached with this post for details. When this...
  13. D

    comodo firewall blocks all network connections

    i have a reliance 1mbps when i uninstalled comodo firewall & then reinstalled it...the network connections icon disappeared from the system tray...when i tried to open the network connections from the control panel only a blank folder opened.usually there are two connections...
  14. prateek007391


    I have comodo firewall pro It submits some file info on internet but there is a strange problem, even if I am connected to internet it says that
  15. sriharsha_madineni

    Help in removing Win32:vitro,Win32:junkpoly

    My system is infected with Win32:junkpoly a few days back.I use avast home edition with automatic updates and comodo internet security.Comodo doesn't even detect junkpoly virus. I did a full system scan and then reinstalled my os.Again i started getting junkpoly virus,my control panel and...
  16. D

    Issues with comodo firewall pro

    i have comodo firewall pro with defense+ installed. every time i install or uninstall a software it pops a message asking if i want to continue letting the application modify my pc(or something like that)i have to select treat this application as an installer so my software is installed..but...
  17. Sridhar_Rao

    comodo firewall pro gone crazy

    I am using XP SP2 on my dell laptop. comodo firewall pro is now behaving weirdly. It is blocking all access to internet. For example, when a program attempts to connect to internet, comodo asks if I should allow it. Even if I click on "allow", it still blocks it with log "suspicious behavior". I...
  18. iinfi

    Comodo and Avast

    hi as my reliance wifi network is not a secure one, i use Comodo Firewall and Avast Free home antivirus. Even after i train the firewall it still does wierd things and practically blocks everything. i blocks all the ports and i cant run Oracle as it blocks the services also. Can anyone...
  19. Sridhar_Rao

    comodo firewall- C:\windows\explorer.exe has tried to use iexplore.exe

    I am using comodo firewall pro version I keep getting this message very often, "C:\windows\explorer.exe has tried to use iexplore.exe through OLE automation, which can be used to hijack other applications, explorer.exe might be using iexplore.exe to connect to the internet." I...
  20. stellar

    Bo Clean Comodo

    Hi How helpful is this software anyone quote?
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