What is this Malware - Exploit.JS.Pdfka.PIQ?


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I recently downloaded the ITR1 xls IncomeTax Returns form from the official website of Incometax India e-filling.
The moment I unzipped the file, my Comodo Antivirus blocked access to it stating that it has virus/malware in it.

Scanning it on virustotal.com shows Comodo identifying Exploit.JS.Pdfka.PIQ.

I have pushed the entire folder under Trusted files in Comodo Defence+ Settings so that I can work with it but I was wondering if this could be a false alarm?
Any idea what this malware or exploit is?

Image - ITr1 — imgbb.co



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Maybe it was false alarm but if it isn't then what?

Write to IT Dept about this and ask for an explanation.
If you are satisfied with it then it's good right!

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