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Problem With Firewall Settings


Truth Seeker
I have used tiny wall as my firewall before a week or so. Due to some reasons tinywall didnt work properly. It always doesnt allow me to connect. So I disabled the firewall option in tinywall and uninstalled it and now installed COMODO firewall. Now COMODO says that firewall isnt configured properly. It even doesnt show any traffic in widget and i am unable to fix it. I even ran windows troubleshoot.

PS: I had used comodo firewall before using tinywall and it was working fine.

How to clean the mess caused by Tinywall ? (I am using Windows 8.1 OEM Single Language)
Install Tinywall again then uninstall it using Revo Uninstaller. It will give you the option to remove all leftover registry keys and files.


Chosen of the Omnissiah
Instal CCleaner to remove any leftovers (Alternative: Revo Uninstaller) The default Windows Firewall is sufficient unless you are running a data center buddy.


Truth Seeker
I uninstalled issuing iobit power uninstall. Even Used ccleaner. No use.

I am confused about restricting internet connectivity to specific apps in default Windows firewall. On the other hand, comodo seems easier for me to block specific apps
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