1. harshilsharma63

    Need Advice Regarding Microsoft Ergonomic 4000 Keyboard

    Hi all. My fingers are hurting badly from typing on a laptop chiclet keyboard and so I'm looking for an ergonomic keyboard. I like the Microsoft ergonomic 4000 keyboard but I've read that its quite big. Does anyone have any experience using the Microsoft ergonomic 4000 keyboard? If so, can you...
  2. G

    Best headphone at 3k

    Hello digit! I'm looking for a good pair of headphones at 3000 rupees. Key points to consider - 1. It should be over-the-ear as I'm not very comfortable with the in-the-ear. 2. It should be comfortable enough for a long time hearing. It takes about 6-7 hours by bus to reach my...
  3. ithehappy

    Kindly suggest a headphone [7.5-8K]

    Kindly suggest a headphone [12-13K] First of all thanks for unlocking my account, much appreciated. So I bought a Audio Technica M40X headphone few days ago, and I received the product today. I listened to it for half an hour or so, and the sound-stage is really dull for me. I mean the sound...
  4. S

    Alternatives to Logitech G510

    Hi Guys I am planning on buying Logitech G510 @ Rs 5565 . I am currently using CM Octane but I feel its not comfortable to use it. I mainly use the keyboard for coding purposes. I rarely play games. Main Requirements Good Backlighting (Code a lot at night) Comfortable Price around 5.5k...
  5. U

    Buying advice for Wireless mouse needed

    My Logitech M185 wireless mouse started giving trouble with the left click (double clicks for a single click). It worked for 3 years 3 months and so out of warranty. I now need to buy a wireless mouse. 1) My budget is upto 1000 rupees 2) Only wireless not bluetooth 3) Preferably from tier 1...
  6. rajesh00

    Suggest Good Headset with mic < 2k

    Hello, Primary usage is Voice chat in game,skype.... Should be comfortable.. :)
  7. H2O

    Over The Ear Headphones Around 1K

    Hello Guys. I need an over-the-ear headphones around 1K. Basic purpose is listening to music. Also, the headset needs to be comfortable for the ears. So some suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.
  8. sandeepsingh

    Need advice for Bluetooth headset.

    Can you suggest any good bluetooth headset as per your experience? Budget: 1000 - 1500 INR Brand: Probably Jabra but open for other brands too. It should be comfortable to wear with decent sound quality. - - - Updated - - - Guys ... any suggestions????
  9. S

    IEH under 2k

    Guys, Planning to buy a In ear headphone. Already owns a Tekfusion Twin Woofer. Have to change to a different one as i had a pathetic customer care and the 3rd replaced unit's is damaged. Nee you opinions. + Love to listen to bass. + Should be comfortable for prolonged use. + Would...
  10. Ronnie11

    135CC required with a max budget of 75000/- OTR

    150CC required with a max budget of 75000/- OTR Hey guys, so i am helping this friend of mine decide on a bike. He needs to use the bike for daily commute which may go to about 40-60km/Day. His budget is 75000 on road, unfortunately cannot go over it. He is looking for a reliable bike with...
  11. darkther

    TurtleBeach z11

    This is my turtle beach z11 headset, bought back in November 2012. Imported from usa :) imgur: the simple image sharer Total of 8-9 pics Now, these are extremely comfortable headsets, good directionality. The only thing I don't like about these are the massive earcups.
  12. D


    Hi Friends...i needed some advice on a good pair of shoes as my earlier pair has undergone wear & tear...need it for jogging mainly but can also wear it casually...what shoes do you people use & find comfortable with nice lasting?...budget is 5k max...just hope i posted it in the right place...:-?
  13. V

    need advice for buying a sturdy hanset for my mom...

    guys as the topic suggests i need a basic handset with a sturdy keypad for my such i tried giving her nokia 1100 but she wasnt comfortable with it.....since these days most handets are touch she is not comfortable with shoot ur suggestions..since the only function will be...
  14. bajaj151

    Headphone under 2k

    Purpose : Music & Gaming Requirement : 1) Good bass 2) Comfortable Budget : 2k (+200 if required)
  15. clmlbx

    Headphones for 3K max

    Need to buy headphones for 3K max.. Priority is for movies.. so need to be very comfortable. and occasional music.
  16. V

    Headphones @ 2k

    Hey, Looking for good headphones at 2k - 2.5k for watching movies/ TV shows on PC. Preferably with volume control on it and a single wire, but not mandatory. It would be comfortable if they do. Thanks. :)
  17. gohan89

    Please suggest new mouse!!!

    I want to buy a new mouse under Rs 450.I play FPS and RPG games which involves lots of button mashing and that too once a day.I dont want a gaming mouse!! The mouse should be hardy enough to survive it,its response should also be good for games.It should be comfortable for moderately large...
  18. lovedonator

    Gaming Keyboard+Mouse+Mousepad

    Hey guys,need a Gaming Keyboard+Mouse+Mosepad. Preferred Brand-Logitech and Razer Usage Scenario-FPS Games(COD,Crysis) & lots of RPG(Skyrim,Witcher,Fallout) Connection Type- Wireless or USB Maximum Budget- Total 10K Would be nice if the keyboard is backlit and comfortable for long hours of...
  19. C

    Android Mobile suggestion

    I am thinking of getting an Android mobile I short listed to LG Optimus NET P690 for Rs. 9999 from I don't get many calls, i want mobile for watching videos, music and some games before i sleep. So i need a earphone that is comfortable to use on bed. Can you suggest one ...
  20. S

    Need Help to build a website

    Hey! I know this is a very common topic but what i m looking for is a comprehensive reply...i have tried to follow some earlier threads but was not able to figure out much as i m not comfortable to all the technical any help is much i m rly srs abt doing this...
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