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Right off the assembly line
Hi all,
I am a naive guy and hence would like you to help me as i am planning to upgrade my system (cpu).
My options are

Core i7 3770 and z68 mobo and 8 gb ram
i5 4570 and b85 mobo and 8gb Kingston hyper x

I am confused which one should i opt for. In the 1st combo the mobo is rmaed and ram new, mobo has a years warranty, processor is used

2nd combo has 3years warranty on the entire combo.

Help me decide.
I have a gtx 560ti 1gb ddr5 too.

Mods please move the thread to correct place as i am unable to do it. Thanks

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Buzz!! Help...
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Right off the assembly line
I will be using this config for standard gaming. Can't afford on changing GPU as of now. But will decide later on. i7 3770 has hyperthreading and though it is not used in games these days can be an added benefit? i7 has better clock speed and cache, only thing is i5 is newer and i7 is older. And ofcourse warranty.
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