1. P

    Monitor or led tv needed with 99% adobe rgb colour gamut

    Hello, I want to buy a monitor for my colour critical work and little bit of gaming. Requirement: 1. A high colour gamut monitor(100% adobe rgb prefered). 2. Ips or vu panel does not matter as long as colour gamut is high. 3. Not too much brand consious but dell samsung lg asus...
  2. D

    HP D2460 Printing Problem

    I found my HP deskjet D 2460 printer printing different colour from that shown on the screen. It is an inkjet printer. I unclogged the printer head manually dipping in hot water and cleaned it several times by HP utility. Now, black colour is printed properly but red is being printed as...
  3. A

    needs help to understand the PC RAM Speed for Gaming...

    need help to understand the PC RAM dual/single channel for Gaming... I have 2 RAM Sticks .. [1] G Skill 4Gb DDR3-1600 and [2] Corsair 4Gb DDR3-1333 MOBO - ASUS M5A97 R2.0 I am trying and install these 2 stick and understand which combimation will give me best performace while playing...
  4. P

    Multi colour lighting pc

    I currently have a new pc and wanted to know how to set up multi coloured LEDs I have so far only seen bitfendix alchemy led strips But I want something like this . I want it to be colour changeable much like the alienfx on dell's alienware system's. Can anybody help me please?
  5. technova

    New Samsung LED TV Problem

    Hi, I have made up my mind and cancelled Nexus 4 and purchased a new 32" Samsung LED TV on 15th Aug. The model No is UA32F4000ARMXL, to be frank, its a new model but I am unable to locate the same on their website. However I can see UA32F4000ARLXL but not UA32F4000ARMXL. From very first day...
  6. hari1

    Buying high quality digital wrist watch

    I want to buy a new digital wrist watch. I have got enough of those chinese watches whose colour keeps diminishing with time and get malfunctioning very quickly. I usually keep wearing the watch all the time even when sleeping and thus the colour of the chinese watches gets deteriorated...
  7. dude1

    Galaxy S4.....BLACK mist or WHITE frost!!

    Guyz, as you all know galaxy s4 is coming to india this week..... Love it or hate it, you cant deny its the most popular phone now..... As it comes in 2 colours namely, Black mist and White frost(yeah samsung has done away with the wicked pebble blue:-D) Was just wondering which colour wud be...
  8. S

    Colour banding problem with hp pavilion g6 1318ax laptop

    I have noticed from the past weeks I have colour banding issue on my laptop.My laptop comes with an amd A4 processor and Radeon dual graphics HD 6480G and HD7450M.The colour banding issue is really troubling me and its more visible with some movies and games.Even there is visible colour banding...
  9. A

    colour code

    what should i do in this case ?explain the color:cry :.
  10. B

    New gaming monitor for 10k

    Hi, I want to buy a new gaming monitor for around 10k. I have a gift voucher for Flipkart, so I have to buy from there only. These are my preferences: 1. Good for games. I play FPS, RPG, Strategy, Racing and Sport games (basically everything!). 2. 1080p resolution is good enough. 3. Colour...
  11. P

    Installing Windows 7 on SSD with 3 HDD

    Hello everyone! I need help configuring my SSD into right SATA port to install 64Bit Windows 7 Ultimate on it. This is my current system config. Core i7 930 2.80Ghz X58A-UD7 (rev.1.0) GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 1366 - GA-X58A-UD7 (rev. 1.0) Kingston SSDnow V100 64GB (SV100S2/64G) HDD...
  12. sandynator

    Cowon D2 Plus OR Cowon C2 OR Sandisk Sansa Fuze+

    I'm in gr8 dilemma to choose between the above mentioned mp3 players. Having personal experience with Cowon e2 the choice will be in between 2 cowons only i.e. D2 plus OR C2. Guys please let me know the exact difference between Cowon D2 plus & C2. I read that c2 has Jet Effects 3 39 eq...
  13. rider

    Chrome showing graphic error

    Heyy guys! there is an issue comes in google chrome that whenever I switch one tab to other new tab after sometime older tab shows red-green colour in the page.
  14. P

    Urgent Need a Inkjet Printer Hp Canon or Brother

    I need a inkjet printer For economical printer with good printing quality with All in One function My Needs are Good availability of Cartridges, and that must be cheap Good print quality My options are HP K209g : I would like to know what are the real life running cost of this...
  15. Alien

    [Review] Canon Pixma E500 Inkjet MFD Print/Scan/Copy

    Canon Pixma Ink Efficient E500 - [Short term review] Price: Rs. 5750/- Flipkart Product Page Canon India Official Product Page and Specifications This is my first printer, so can't compare with any other product. Build Quality: It is pretty average to be honest and the plastics feel...
  16. V

    Help with Printer Software

    I have a monochrome printer(LBP 3300) and am planning to buy a colour printer (a low cost inkjet printer). The monochrome printer prints at very low cost while the other(colour printer) is very costly per page. Is there any way by which I can separately print the black elements in the monochrome...
  17. S

    Gaming prob

    My config Cpu-intel e7500 Mobo gigabyte ga g41 combo Gpu -ati radeon hd 5670 Psu-circle raw power550 watt Os-windows 7 While playing Hd games Sometimes the game suddenly goes of Sometimes there is black screen sometimes there are various colour stripes please help
  18. akash22

    Epson Stylus TX121

    I wanted to know how is this printer(Epson Stylus TX121 ) at this price range. guys do you have any other option at this price renge .am looking for just basic home usage and sometime for college colour assignments. so color prints will matter to me, so see guys that it should have good colour...
  19. C

    benq g2420HD advice.

    is the above monitor good for gaming?i need to buy a 22-24" monitor and my budget is requirements are that the monitor should be LED,have good colour reproduction and have HDMI/dvi support. plz help..........
  20. B

    Laser colour printer within 10k

    One of my friends want to buy a colour laser printer within 10k. He is not quite sure whether he should go for canon/hp or something else. He previously had a hp deskjet and didnot have quite good experiences about it. Please suggest some worthy printer. It will be mainly for home use.
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