1. D

    Need recommendation for an all-in-one printer within 7k

    I am a college student and I am searching for a decent all in one color printer within 7k so suggest me some good printers within this range
  2. M

    Color Ball my new game

    Color ball is a one touch challenging game where you have to match color of ball with the pillar by landing ball on it. Game Play: In color ball you have to match color of ball with the bottom area of pillar color by landing ball on it and top pillar change color of the ball. Control: Tap...
  3. S

    Favorite Color

    Which is your favorite color?
  4. win32.tr0jan

    Monitor under 20K

    I am looking for a monitor which has the following min specs - Size: 24" and above Resolution : 1080p Color: True color Technology: LED The major purposes would be gaming (online - CSGo, FIFA) and design (Unity 3d, photoshop, illustrator). Hence true color and response time is very...
  5. B

    Difference in color in Taskbar

    Hello Friends, There is a slight difference in color in the taskbar in our Windows 10 laptop. First I thought that the screen might be damaged due to weight or something but then I played some videos and games and the difference in color is not there in the bottom right part of the screen in...
  6. D

    Problem with new HP monitor purchased from amazon.

    Guys i purchased a HP monitor (HP 22vx IPS Monitor) from amazon. I noticed a wired problem with shades of grey color. Grey color looks cream yellow (light brownish). It is very visible because chrome browser is gray color but on this monitor it looks like cream yellow (light brownish). Even...
  7. akhilc47

    Cabinet fans for SPEC-01

    Hi, 1. SPEC-01 comes with a RED 120mm fan at the front. Does anyone know which model it is? I don't want to add another fan which doesn't look exactly the same color. 2. Also need another 3x120mm fans for rear(1) and top (2). Please suggest some quiet fans. Again RED or no color is...
  8. H

    [For Sale] Power Color R7 240 2GB Graphics Card

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Power Color R7 240 2GB Expected Price: 4000/- shipped Source and Time of Purchase: 6 months ago , do not remember exact date . Reason for Sale: upgrading RMA/Servicing history: Never serviced/RMA'd |. Product Condition: Old...
  9. B

    Value for money specs

    Hi Guys, Are the following laptops value for money/spec laptops or are the specs too low considering the price? The main things needed here are black color of the laptop and a 860m Nvidia graphic card(are the AMD one's better than Nvidia?) HP 15-522TX I5 6TH Gen 8 GB RAM 4 GB Nvidia...
  10. S

    Lenovo Vibe p1 - Color updates?

    Does anyone have any information regarding Lenovo Vibe P1 colors? It has been over 2 weeks since its release, and only silver color is available. Do they even plan to release any other colors?
  11. V

    Suggest monitor for good color rendering

    Pls suggest a good monitor for accurate color quality, heavy use of imaging/graphics software. No gaming involved. Size: 21" approx Budget: 10k approx - willing to extend for a better product Considering Dell S2240L. Any alternatives? Anything from AOC BenQ etc?
  12. banskt

    Which IPS panel below 15k has best color quality? screen size, response time NOT crucial.

    Is there any IPS panel with professional color gradient, and covering >99% Adobe RGB color space below 15k? Screen size not an issue. I am looking for quality of the display. Response time, screen size, etc are NOT important. NEC EA224WMi seems to be an option but not available in India. I...
  13. G

    Pixma mp287 - am going to break this printer - help me

    I have this PIXMA MP287 Printer I dont know how to fix this problem The cartridges are installed Color and Black. Black is refilled, color cannot be refilled and is not working The Color ink light keeps blinking. Why cant it start printing if only black ink is full and refilled and the...
  14. vinaych

    16:10 IPS Monitors?

    Hello all, I've been using an HP 16:10 19" monitor since 8 years. (No complaints at all.. Brilliant monitor) The time has come for me to purchase another monitor and when I look, there aren't any 16:10 monitors that I could find except for the Dell U2412m! That monitor is a slightly over my...
  15. bajaj151

    Nzxt Hue Color Problem

    I received Nzxt Hue from primeabgb 2 days back. Problem is, only white color is displaying on led strip. Rotating the 3 knobs, not changing any color. What should I do? - - - Updated - - - Problem solved :)
  16. windchimes

    Changing Fontsize and color in the worpress online blog editor

    Is there any way to change font size and color in the online wordpress blog post editor?
  17. B

    Need a printer for 2-5k. should have cheap cartridge/ink

    I need a printer under 5k [cheaper is better]. my usage will include 4-5 black and white prints per month. and ~20-25 black and white page in every 6 months. Color printing is not necessary but it'd be great, if color printing is available, i will print 3-4 photos in every 2 months. my...
  18. S

    Driver support for HP

    Got windows 8.1 installed on my hp g6 2301 ax but the fan has been running like crazy ever since. It doesn't get hot but the noise is pretty noticeable even when I am doing nothing else. Also the way-fi button doesn't change color always white. So I was wondering when HP will release bios...
  19. U

    Suggest a new 22-23" AH-IPS LED monitor with color accuracy

    I'm looking for a good AH-IPS 22"-23" MATTE FINISH ONLY LED monitor with maximum color accuracy. I'm considering below monitors but few are not available in India yet. 1. Asus MX239H (not available in India yet) 2. AOC i2367fh (available) 3. AOC d2367ph (available) 4. Dell 2240L (available, but...
  20. S

    Most Economical AIO

    Hi Every1, Please suggest me a very economical 3 in 1 printer preferably laser, color printing is not required.
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