1. gameranand

    Crystal Disk Info Analysis HDD Advice

    Hey guys I install this software and it shows Yellow. Here are the images. Do I need to be worried or something ?? Please do tell me what that yellow color is saying. :)
  2. R

    Which Ink Do I use For Epson Stylus Printer?

    Hi again! I purchased an Epson Stylus Color 460 - 7 years ago. I searching Ink Cartridges for it. Its model numbers: Black Ink Cartridge: S020189 / S020108 Color: S020191 / S020089 On Epson website, I found that the substitute model Ink Cartridges: Black: T051 Color: T052 But I...
  3. sumonpathak

    Roccat Kone Pure Color

    So...thinking about getting one of this... Any thoughts? been using Roccat stuff for a while now....feels pretty good IMHO and the color ones look pretty delectable :P EDIT:9.42PM wow....30+views and no reply? NVM:got this kone pure color edition 8200DPI
  4. Limitless

    Need Help with C++ Softwares

    Can anyone suggest me some good C++ programming software other than Turbo C++ because I hate it 'cause of the blue color :)
  5. theserpent

    Weird Color Problem in Photoshop

    Hey guys so i have a very weird problem in photoshop when in use it in the color mode RGB, sometimes even pictures open up in weird colors. You can see the problem in the screen shot below But, if I make a new canvas it in CMYK color mode the colors are fine
  6. P

    Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 4350 color offset problem

    I have a pretty old computer which has an HD 4350 1 GB in it (Dad uses it for his work). This previous Sunday, I opened my card, and gave it to a friend (as he wanted to see of his card was faulty or not). I got it today and when I plugged in the card, all the color changed from the BIOS post...
  7. kARTechnology

    need help buying vfm printer

    my old hp printer, an aio (hp 4355 officejet) has started giving problems and hp service center says no warranty then no spares, and "sir, please try in another local shop which has second hand printer of sane model and replace parts- MAHAA ELECTRONICS (ALL OVER SOUTH...
  8. Revolution

    Can't Get Full Screen Dell S2240L HDMI

    Hi, I have bought HDMI cable for my new Dell S2240L. When I power on PC first time it always showing no HDMI cable connected. Then when PC started and Windows 7 booted can't get full screen. I have ATi card. Also noticed Auto Adjust is not highlighted at Dell OSD. And many other optioned is not...
  9. mandarpalshikar

    G.Skill TridentX 2400 MHz CL10 16GB Kit

    Finally got these in my hand. F3-2400C10D-16GTX. CL10-12-12-31 2T running at 1.65v Bought it from - (got it here from my friend) Damages - USD 140 They are running at their rated speed of 2400 MHz at CL10-12-12-31 2T on my rig with i5-3570K OCed at 4.4 GHz, perfectly matching the...
  10. C

    Monitor for video compositing & color correction

    My friend need Monitor for video compositing & color correction. IPS or PLS which one is better OS - Windows 7 Budget - 20K Size - any size will be acceptable above 20" but color quality is primary focus. Resolution - full HD or above
  11. A

    New slimmer PS3 to be launched on 22 September

    New PS3 coming up soon and the expected launch price for the 250GB version is 269$. A white color version is going to be launched soon in November(Japan) Hope to see it soon in India.
  12. nikku_hot123

    Need a color printer within 5k

    hey guys i want a color printer within 5~5.5 k. please give your suggestions urgently..
  13. jkultimate

    Camera dropped :( Can anyone tell what damage has it done?

    Bad time :( :( My Canon PS A3200 IS camera dropped by me. :( Slipped. The top cover of lens gone. After it when I try to take a picture, its all violet color. All other are fine. Screen is okay. It actually takes the picture. But all in violet color. Can anyone one tell, me? Is changing of...
  14. RCuber

    [QUERY] Xperia P Lightbar

    one of my friend just bought Xperia P, but the lightbar doesn't change color when theme is changed. I had previously used Xperia U and it worked fine. on googling a little I read that "it supports only one color i.e., white" or "it required a app to change color" is it true? can some one confirm...
  15. T

    Lenovo y560 random color screen after bootup

    Hi, I have Lenovo y560 with switchable graphics laptop. from the last 2 days when i turn it on, it starts and in the middle of starting it's screen turns into various colors (only one color per boot). is it ram problem?. i already switches rams inside .also my lappy runs on adaptor no...
  16. theserpent

    Pressure settings not working correctly

    Well guys color pressure doesn't work fine i.e it should be darker shade of color when pressed hard and when pressed lightly lighter shade of color.But this is not happening :(. Well shape pressure works fine(Thin line to fat line)
  17. P

    Xperia P-warm color tone

    Purchased Xperia P on 24th July.. Gave it back to service center yesterday for yellowish toning on display as it shows slightly yellowish tone everywhere( something like warm color toning) I suspect this is due to whitemagic technology. Anybody experienced the same issue? Is all Xperia P have...
  18. D

    A white color Android phone below 30K? Please help

    I want to buy a white color phone below 30 K. It's should have a dual core processor, 8 MP camera a very good screen (high ppi). Please can you list out all the models which are white from HTC and Sony Ericson??
  19. TheLetterD

    Color e-ink E-book reader?

    Hello Does anybody know if there are any rumors or does anybody have an idea when will a color e-ink e-book reader launch? Thanks in advance.
  20. newway01

    [Want to Buy] Nokia N8

    Looking for a used Nokia N8 in good condition. Any color except pink :oops: Location: Kochi, Kerala.
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