1. @

    [For Sale] B&N Nook Color

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: B&N Nook Color. Expected Price: Rs 8,000/-, open to negotiations. If you are getting cheaper than this, please buy from there itself. Time of Purchase: Feb - 2011 approx. Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No | 0...
  2. bajaj151

    Sunbeam or Logisys Cathode Light

    Where can I find Sunbeam or Logisys Cathode light (BLUE COLOR) in India ??
  3. ico

    Russia in color, a century ago

    Click here to see the pics --> Russia in color, a century ago - The Big Picture - Simply incredible. Can't believe my eyes.
  4. pramudit

    First Owned Computer

    Post your first own computer specs and date here...... :razz: Mine was an Pentium 933 MHz CPU on a Vesta motherboard, 24bit color IGP, 20gb hdd, 128mb ram with CD-R drive....... What was yours....? :P
  5. clerkman1612

    A Color Printer under Rs 3500?

    Guys I want to buy a color printer under the budget of Rs 3500.:grin: I don't want All in One or scanner or photo copier. I want only printer but it should be the color one.:stirpot: So Digit Experts Guys Plz advice me. Thanks in Advance.:blush:
  6. B

    Strange color patches on HTC Wildfire S

    I have noticed recently that my wildfire S have developed some strange yellow color patches in the back battery cover.Check the images.I tried cleaning it but it does not go off.I searched over google and found this.I use a black colored soft cloth pouch change in colour on the back cover of...
  7. U

    Suggest a mobile for Girlfriend

    Hi all Please suggest me a mobile below 10k with android for my girlfriend... With non-black color schemes (her demand :( )
  8. aniket.cain

    Need a slightly big screen

    Hi All of my free time is spent watching movies or playing games. I currently have a 15.6" laptop, and I want a bigger screen to connect it to the laptop using HDMI. I don't want a TV because that is completely useless to me as I never ever watch anything on cable. So, don't suggest a TV...
  9. NitrousNavneet

    LCD color changed

    After Installing My graphics card again. I rebooted my PC and know the MONITOR's Color is Yellowish. All white things are yellow.
  10. A

    Buying B&N Nook color

    Hello! I want to buy nook color but whenever i enter postal details on B&N website, i get the foll error "In compliance with shipping regulations, some item(s) in your order cannot be sent to Chandigarh in India. Please provide another address below or edit your shopping bag to remove the...
  11. Kishal

    wave 533 theme problem

    Hey guys, my sis owns a sammy wave 533 (Gt-S5333). her problem is that on installing a few themes, the bottom 2 buttons are smaller than usual and have an irritating thick fluorescent pink border. Is there any solution to the problem??? If only there were some way to change the color of the...
  12. Death_Knight

    Good AIO Printer at 3k-4k

    Hi, need to buy a AIO printer for personal home use. So, created the following guide myself so you people can help me better. 1. What is the purpose? A: Mostly B/W printing, occasional color for brother's project work. Rarely photo printing. Need to scan books/photos occasionally, personal use...
  13. Akshay

    Color Laser Printer (+ Scanner/Copier) Max 20k

    I am looking for a laser printer capable of color printing. I am looking at around 10k b/w printouts and around 2k color print outs in a year. Would prefer printer with scanner / copier / fax function (not a must though). Cost per page and toner cost are the deciding factors. Max budget is...
  14. nilanko

    Dark spot on LED screen - WTF?!

    My dad's ThinkPad L412 has got a small dark spot on its screen. It's not completely black, it's a grey irregular shaped (almost circular) spot. I thought it was a dirt particle so I tried cleaning but that didn't help. The spot's diameter is hardly half millimeter and is hardly noticeable except...
  15. webgenius

    Samsung SyncMaster 753S 17" color monitor for sale

    1. Model number and details: Samsung SyncMaster 753S 17" color monitor 2. Date of purchase: 7 years 3. Reason for sale: Bought a new LCD monitor 4. Warranty details: Expired 5. Expected Price: Rs. 750 6. Location of Seller: Bangalore I am planning to close this deal soon. Please PM me if...
  16. T

    Full HD monitor for around 15k

    I am in the market for a full hd Monitor, budget should be around 15k. Size should preferably 24 inches but i can go down to smaller sizes if i get a better model. Now i will mainly use it for HD video editing and watching movies. I have heard that IPS and TN monitors have different...
  17. M

    Problem with video color

    Hi guys. I just want to ask something about my monitor. Every time I watch a movie, the screen flickers and the color just turns black and white. Like I am watching a prehistoric movie! No color at all. Does it have something to do with the video cable or with the player or with the monitor itself?
  18. nbaztec

    22" 1080p Monitor Under 9K

    I've looked around & found: BenQ E2220HD which is available on SMC for Rs. 8800/- A review here states that it's color quality is not that good. Upon hearing color quality the Samsung B2230 comes to mind, available at SMC for 8.2k, but sadly misses a HDMI port. So can you guys help &...
  19. Q

    New Kingston DDR3 Memory

    There are some spy shots released: It should be announced in coming CES. If you are looking for some cool RAM in gray color, you may keep your eye on it.
  20. quicky008

    650VA APC ups malfunctioning-need assistance

    I own a 650VA APC ups.I have been using it for the last 3 years and i have never faced any issues with it.But of late,whenever a load-shedding takes place,my PC simply restarts despite being connected to my ups.This has been happening for the last couple of weeks.Though the color of the LED on...
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