I am looking for a monitor which has the following min specs -

Size: 24" and above
Resolution : 1080p
Color: True color
Technology: LED

The major purposes would be gaming (online - CSGo, FIFA) and design (Unity 3d, photoshop, illustrator). Hence true color and response time is very important. Finally, it should be soothing to eyes, since i will be spending a lot of time infront of it. I don't want to go blind in the next decade :D :D

Thanks a lot!

Oh yeah, this is not going to be a part of the desktop. I will be extending my Ideapad Z510 display.


Thanks a lot! I think I will go with Benq GW2760HS.
If you want the absolute best for gaming look no further than LG 24GM77.
144Hz TN..
With brilliant colour vibrancy..
Beats any ips in this price range for gaming..
Although visual angles will be poor, that means not so great for watching movies with friends.

Also Benq GW2760HS, is 27" 1080p monitor.. It will show pixelations within 4 feet of distance.
As a rule of thumb, limit your 1080p display to 24", anything above look 2K(upto 29")
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