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  1. B

    Codec needed for x265 mkv videos

    Hi Guys, I have few videos in x265 version and they are in mkv format. My media player classic is not able to play the video, it plays all other types of videos btw. The audio works fine though. I do not want to switch to vlc or some other player. Is there any specific codec which can help...
  2. tanmaymohan

    Best converter

    I love to record gameplays of my favourite games to upload them to youtube but the problem is the heavy file size of the video fraps records. 2gb for 2min. So is there any converter or a specific codec in which I can encode the video so that it doesnt misses out on quality and size is also...
  3. G

    Sound not coming from the videos - urgent?

    Hello, to all of you. I have downloaded some videos from the youtube with IDM, these are in mp4 format, and I also have some videos on computer that are also in mp4 format, actually, whenever I try to play these videos, I can only see the video playing,but not hear any type of sound, some of the...
  4. M

    Why is there no sound when I play media on my laptop?It

    I own a Dell Inspiron Mini 1018. Its 9 months old. It came with windows 7 ultimate(not genuine). It worked perfectly fine but some days ago, the OS got corrupted, so I reinstalled windows(not genuine), and installed all the drivers recommended for my model from the Dell website, but there is no...
  5. S

    play videos through LCD tv

    Hello Guys... I have a LCd tv (Full HD) with HDMI port, a Sony Home theater system which can play only AVI file with codec divx AND XVID. Also I have lots of movie in my 1TB external hdd formatted with NTFS. among these movies, videos there are many type file system with numerous codec. so i am...
  6. sam9953

    How do I change the audio codec?

    Okay guys, as you might be knowing that I am already looking for changing a few rmvb files to a version or a format which my TV's can play (I have one samsung and one Sony LED) so I was just trying a few things and now something like this happened: I put my rmvb file in the pen drive and...
  7. S

    Error in madia player

    when i am going to play a avi file in media player its comes a error. i alredy lode the klite media codec. please help me "" codec Error'
  8. G

    Audio / Video Codec support for Nokia ?

    I've been reading about some Nokia devices and it seems that the latest Nokia devices have among the best audio and video codec support ! It includes the usual mp3 , mp4 , WMA , avi support but even includes AAC , FLAC and the rarely supported mkv ! Very nice to see Nokia take an initiative...
  9. vikasg03

    how to update audio codec in laptop

    I am having dell inspiron 15R I5 laptop which is using IDT high definition audio codec. I want to know can i run klite codec pack here or I have to find out above mention codec update only. I want to update so that voice can be boost, right now it is very less no enhancements are found.
  10. sanoob.tv

    vlc doest play mss2 codec

    i downoaded some tutorials bt when i play them in vlc i only can hear the voice and not the video. i tried in mediaplayer classic too any way to make work of mss2 codec?
  11. 6x6

    Playing HD wmv file in ubuntu

    i tried playing sample HD clip (from windows 7) on ubuntu 9.10, but Totem Movie Player could not play it. then i installed gxine, it played the file but video was not smooth. then i installed VLC media player it played the file fine. still file is not playing in Totem movie player. is there any...
  12. R

    Recommended codec for DVD in WMP - XPPro

    Which is the recommended codec for playing DVD in WMP in a XP Prof system? I used Klite earlier and now I have installed XP Codec Pack. Is there any diff between them? After installing XP codec, every time I insert a CD, a dialog box prompting action regarding use of ffdshow comes up? Is...
  13. Gauravs90

    Best codec for video conversion?

    Pls tell me best codec for video conversion you know which have high compression ratio? Like h264 have high compression ratio. Which is the best codec for video conversion.
  14. arpanmukherjee1

    codec programming

    hello people, i want to built a codec of my own particularly in C#. basically , i input a AVI or and other video+audio encoded file and render it on the screen without and third-party coded DLL, just purely programming. i read the "Coded Programming Guide" in the MSDN but did not find any...
  15. A

    unable to install core codec player n smart movie player

    hey guys i have n 95 classic with v 30 n my proble is that i am not be able to install core codec player n smart movie .....they were be able to install in my old memory card n now i have upgraded to 8gb one...but its not installing...error is that unable to install after installation bar...
  16. H

    Psp 2004

    I want to sell... 1) PSP 2004 - 3.91 M33 firmware , bought it in November 08, One of the last pieces of the psp which could be loaded with customized firmware. 2) PSP battery charger - Bundled with PSP 3) PSP Original battery - Bundled with PSP 4) Datel tool battery - Bought it from...
  17. luxrum

    audio video player for fedora9

    I want to play audio video in linux . I need some tips . shall v need codec pack ?
  18. luxrum

    audio video player for fedora9

    I want to play audio video in linux . I need some tips . shall v need codec pack ?
  19. bukaida

    My New MBI 6988G dvd Player cannot play MPEG-4

    I bought a moserbaer MBI-6988G recently which claims to read MPEG-4 file. I have a movie file which according to GSpot has the codec information as follows Video codec: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Audio codec: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC The movie is in a USB drive.The DVD player is not even displaying it...
  20. R

    Best mp4 player for PC

    HI friends, Searching for the best MP4 player for PC without K-Lite codec. Please suggest. Thanks in advance..........
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