1. G

    Dvd region code killer for windows 7

    I recently bought a Samsung Blu Ray player in Thailand (Model no. BD-F5500). I tried playing an original DVD bought in India(Avatar, btw), but then an error message showed up, which says 'Cannot read this disc. Please check the regional code of the disc'. I tried various remote controlled hacks...
  2. toad_frog09

    [For Sale] AMD Sapphire VAPOR-X HD6850

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: AMD Sapphire VAPOR-X HD6850 1GB 775MHZ Graphics Card Expected Price: Rs 7500 /- Rs 7299 /- *** Time of Purchase: 4th July 2012 Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: YES. About 1 year...
  3. rakeshmarar

    Sygic + Mapmyindia maps at Rs. 172 !!

    Sygic app is available on Google play for rs. 199. Alternatively, there is a cheaper option. 1) Install trial app sygic from Google play. 2) Let it download basefiles 3) In the mean time go to Sygic portal and buy India maps 4) Price - 2.99 Euro (Don't choose USD) 5) At time of checkout -...
  4. doomgiver

    How do I pass a file/document as a JavaScript argument? (Using HTML)

    I'm using HTML to get a file from local disk using input type="text". I want to pass the file as an argument to a Javascript code that will convert it to base64. I cannot figure out how to pass the file to the JS code.
  5. Shah

    A 3D Rubik's Cube in C++ and GLUT without MFC.

    Hi friends, I thought of writing a program which could solve Rubik's cube. So, I used Google to search for some 3D Rubik's Cube solver written in C++ to get an idea on how to code a 3D Rubik's Cube with movements. but, Unfortunately all that I found were using MFC not GLUT. I need your help...
  6. C

    c++ Compiler giving wrong output.

    It's a program for finding the biggest palindrome possible by multiplying two 3-digit numbers. I'm using Turbo C++ 3.0 However it's showing wrong outputs. I'm 100% sure that the palindrome code is correct and I checked separately with "123" as input, even then it showed wrong output. Please...
  7. A

    MySQL script for posting values from a field to a DB

    I couldn't find any specific section related to web development so I am posting it here,hoping to get answers :-? Code of my contact form is ~ I want the code for database.php,or whatever,I need a tutorial page or the code file by which I could modify to make it work with this form,I need...
  8. ankit.kumar010203

    Facing Problems In c++. Please Solve This Code...!

    Hello, I am facing problem with my c++ coding:cry::cry:. How can i add these following sentences to my text file of notepad? I know that it is wrong. Please Help me...! How can I fix it? The code are as follow:- #include <iostream> #include <fstream> using namespace std; class cars{...
  9. S

    RSA Algorithm by cpp

    Please give me some web link to some EASY NOTES on understanding RSA algorithm. and to implement it in c++ code, what classes and objects should i use?
  10. S

    Error code 0x8004242d

    I have a lenovo G580 i5 3rd gen laptop. When I try to format it with windows8 the error code 0x8004242 is showed and i could neither partition my drive nor could format it. Is this a problem of the harddisk or any software issue? Pls help me with this !!!!!!!!
  11. sam_738844

    FAQ and Help for Freshers In IT/Govt jobs

    8-) IT is fun...its shortcut, its money, its Black Tshirt and Denim Jeans.. FastTrack on Fridays, Cool Laptops...Beautiful Ladies...spicy street, hell lot friends and Moulin Rouge on any occassion. Also... :twisted: IT has recession, IT has 24X7 continuos stretch, IT has...
  12. vickybat

    Stuck in Android programming

    Guys i'm trying my hands on android programming recently using java and xml. I know a bit of java but completely new to xml ( i somewhat know html5 and familiar with markup language tags). Been following a beginners guide and trying to create my first app. Its simply like a "hello-world" code...
  13. F

    Need Some C project topic and Source code

    Dear Friends. i need some Project topics as well source code that done in C language.please help as soon as possible........
  14. A

    colour code

    what should i do in this case ?explain the color:cry :.
  15. C

    Urgently require laptop

    Hey everyone... I'm planning on buying a laptop within the next 3-4 days... I'd like some suggestions Here's the questionaire 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 60k ( but it's ok upto 70k ) INR ofcourse :P 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? preferably...
  16. doomgiver

    Help with OpenGL programming

    I wish to implement this program : Spherical Landscapes yeah, sounds complex, but is not (at least in my limited knowledge.) ok, so most of the code is there in algorithm form, i just need to know what openGL code to write. im quite new, but im pretty confident i can google/learn this. so...
  17. S

    Dynamics crm doubts

    what will happen in "CRM" if 100 users will submit the request to the web-server? The plug-in code will get loaded into the memory for 100 times?
  18. Siddharth_1

    Problem with using ASP to connect to access database

    I am having some problem with the ASP code that i am using to connect with access DB Here is the code: The error i am getting is this: Line 8 is ' objConn.Open strConn '. PLS HELP!!
  19. NoasArcAngel

    God in code ?

    well this may as well seem as a plot / theory straight out of a sci-fi movie, but i just thought about this. We wonder who we are ? we wonder what is our purpose in life? is it predestined ? i think i may have a theory which i dont know is original but i swear i just thought about it right now...
  20. Siddharth_1

    Code displayed on opening ASP page in browser

    I dont know why but ASP isnt working properly in web browsers(IE, Firefox, Safari). ASP code is displayed in the browser instead of the output. I didnt do anything to any ASP settings since last time it was working. Even a simple code like this isnt woking: Tried clearing cache using...
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