1. S

    Code For 1 Free Godaddy Domain Registration

    I have 15 codes for free domains from for 1 year. You can register one free .com, .us, .mobi, .biz, .net, or .org domains (any one, no other extensions allowed) Code does not work on renewal and backorder. Only works with new domain registration. You can register a maximum of one...
  2. ajaybc

    Need Help purchasing from Ebay.

    I was on ebay to buy an item.But the problem is that it is asking for my card no.,verification code and expiry date.I have a State Bank Cash Debit card which is of Maestro and it doesnt have any verification code printed on it.Also the validity of that card is unlimited and so what should i type...
  3. alexanderthegreat

    Visual C++ 2008 installation error 1603

    Visual C++ 2008 installation fails. Error code: 1603. I recieve an error when I try to install Visual C++ 2008( from Feb 2009 Digit DVD). The error code is stated to be 1603. Now the problem: The installation stops as soon as it starts the first step (Runtime Pre-requisites). I recieve an...
  4. S

    Error Code 80244019

    I am unable to update Vista home premium. I get an error Code 80244019. I installed spyware and malware softwares. Did not find any malicious codes. Please help me update vista and windows defender:confused:
  5. H

    N80 -> Forgot Security Code Help Needed

    Hi guys, my frnd has a prob.the prob is: He has a N80 and he had changed the phone lock code from the default '12345' and now he doesnt remember the code. i tried hard reseting by pressing 'Green' + '*' + '3' & powered it asked for date and time as it sud but still the lock is not being...
  6. victor_rambo

    Joomla versus Wordpress!

    As some of you may be aware, I am hobbyist-turned-professional PHP-MySQL programmer. These days, I have to commonly deal with open-source packages such as Wordpress, Joomla, etc. Almost all of my work is related to wordpress. I have observed that Worpdress is easy to use and customize. Mind...
  7. heartripple

    KIS 2009 activation code?

    Hi guys, I have just a little confusion. It would sound silly but I dont have any idea what to do. So please help me. I just bought KIS 2009 3 users pack.:):):) Now I want to register it and update it. When I opened the pack I was surprised to see just one activation code. I read it is...
  8. Sridhar_Rao

    tweaking dhtml code

    I refer to dynamic drive dhtml code for Featured Content Slider v2.4 at this location * As you can see, there is control to shift the slides, page 1, page 2, next, back etc. I want to tweak it such a way that it displays the...
  9. R

    can't connect EC325 on Ubuntu, exit code =16

    Hi I got the net on Ubuntu 7.1, with Reliance Data card, Huawei EC325, during many days. Now, I can not. PPP daemon has died = A modem hang up the phone (exit code = 16). Var/log/messages = warning: secret file /etc/ppp/papsecrets has world and/or group access. Please, can u help me to reconnect ?
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