1. bad_till_bones

    Club Membership in Delhi

    Hi Friends, Please suggest me a good club that I can join in Delhi. Looking for - - Sports (both indoor n outdoor) - Recreational activities - Hosting parties - Good Restaurants/eating Regards.
  2. TheSloth

    Do you mind clubs pumped by oil money?

    Today, all the big clubs like Chelsea, Man City, PSG and even club like Monaco which recently spend huge sum of money, are investing money from the owner's pocket. Few years back, Manchester City was just a small club and Manchester Derby was not so big as everyone knew what will be the result...
  3. Gollum

    GTA V Playdate [Think Digit Forum Crew]

    Okay fellow gang members We go for the hunt today To join the Think Digit Crew visit the link below. Rockstar Games Social Club - TDF Crew Requirements GTA V - game a PS3 a PSN account a Rockstar Social club Account > Rockstar Games Social Club The First playdate: Open from...
  4. R

    robotics and computer hardware club

    i don't really know what section of the TDF does this go into but i think this is the closest. i'm starting a robotics and comp. hardware club in my school. i already know about NEX kits and picaxe components in robots but i need ideas for projects related to this stuff. i also knowhow to...
  5. Sarath

    Bangalore Club

    List of TDF members from Bangalore :) We can discuss the latest happenings in the city or anything for that matter here. You might want to add your name to the list below in case you would like to participate in a meetup or just to give attendance here. Enter you name here >...
  6. Abhishekrocked

    Fifa 13

    Summary of FIFA 13 FIFA 13 captures all the drama and unpredictability of real-world soccer, and is driven by five game-changing innovations which revolutionize artificial intelligence, dribbling, ball control and physical play. It is the largest and deepest feature set in the history of the...
  7. M

    how can we start FM Radio stations, i am from kerala

    Dudes, aas now lot of FM stations are forming from colleges also. could any share or PM the details abt how can our club too start a local FM radio station please?? hardly waiting for the guidance. best mobileman
  8. C

    Forming a Buyers club

    Hi all, I have seen tht on TDF.. people are on buying spree... Almost everyday i notice tht our buying volume is Few thousand Ruppees on daily basis. My point is why don't we form a club kind of thing and then have tie-up with some good chain which can supply has almost all kind of...
  9. M

    my club to organise Auto Show in Kerala, pls share your thoughts and ideas.

    Folks, in Feb our club is to organise an Auto Show. i am its convenor. interested to get your thoughts and bits to make an interesting plan. yes, we confirmed. that will happen in FEB second week in 2012. if u have any contact with any club/ individual with Vintage Cars, pls be kind to...
  10. soumya

    Vote For The 'Best Windows Website 2008'

    Ten Windows websites have been shortlisted and put up for a vote at The Windows Club, by the Panel of Judges comprising of Ed Bott, Rafael Rivera, Steve Sinchak, Paul Schottland (Microsoft), Lowell Heddings (TheGeek), Emil Protalinski (Ars Technica), Howard Lo (Microsoft), Corrine Chorney...
  11. Psychosocial

    Rock In India 2009

    Its time! Iron Maiden is visiting India once again on 15th Feb 09 at Palace Grounds in Bangalore. Along with Iron Maiden, there will be 9 other Indian bands out of which Kryptos and Parikrama are the well known ones. Along with 8 hour of non stop live rock fun, there will be a bar, a karaoke...
  12. MetalheadGautham

    >>> The 17 Club <<<

    Its the last year we have to spend as a worry free minor. Its the last year we have to go to school. Its the last year we can discuss politics but not vote. Its the last year we need to drive 2-wheelers instead of cars. Its the last year for FUN. Its the last year before the REAL fun begins. Its...
  13. s18000rpm

    Sega - The Club - free CD keys

    get free CD keys from Sega's website itself:p click & enter your email addrs. gamespot rated it 7.0 orig. source : :p
  14. bkpeerless

    problem with the club

    I just installed the club after starting the game exactly after 4- 5 mts the game closes and i am send to the desktop. There as no problem with the installation and i have the latest driver also wit xp sp2 then what is the problem.. I am not getting any error also plz help
  15. gaurav_indian

    Russell Crowe to buy franchise in IPL

    Russell Crowe to buy franchise in IPL :lol:
  16. anandk

    June Search Market Share:A Big Surprise from Live !

    "Google finally has a competitor join it in the (until now) exclusive, positive-year-over-year-growth club. MSN/Live increased their query volume by 67% from May, and 48% from a year ago. Search volume was up all across the board in June and took most everyone else in the same direction...
  17. abhijit_reddevil

    Manchester United to sign Henrik Larsson? correct?

    Source: Old is gold.:cool: By the way, I thought it would have been better if my favourite club signed someone younger like Fernando Torres from Athletico Madrid.:cool: That was a pre-season speculation.
  18. a_medico

    Your favorite movie quote

    Hava tej chalta hai Dinkarrao. Topi sambhalo. Ud jayega! - Vijay Dinanath Chauhan, Agneepath __________ The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight CLUB. The second rule of fight club is YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB! - Tyler Durden, Fight Club
  19. max_demon

    Prince Of Persia {Fan Club}

    Prince Of Persia The BEST game ever In PC Games
  20. Hells_Fury

    Championship Manager Fans Unite here

    For the un-initiated, the CM series gives you control of a Soccer club. You have to manage the day - to - day activities of the club. You do not play any matches, but you play the role of a manager. You control team tactics, transfers, etc. You can watch the matches being simulated in 2-D. The...
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