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get free CD keys from Sega's website itself:p
Not a smooth move on Sega’s part, one can simply go to The Club website and request a product key instantly emailed to them with no verification whatsoever. This should probably be brought to someone important and Sega’s attention. Perhaps there was a problem with the game where many didn’t ship with a product key? Is Sega really that lazy to just throw up a request form and send out keys to everyone who wants one? This is serious customer support laziness and will only end up hurting Sega in the end.

The Club is an old-school shooter. It emphasises single-player action over multiplayer competition and encourages near-endless replaying to beat that elusive high score, but while it's good enough to keep you coming back, it is far from perfect. The game's premise is a simple one. The eponymous Club is a powerful collection of super-rich, morally bankrupt individuals who have decided to run their own personal worldwide blood sport à la Running Man. Eight contestants are (mostly) forced to compete against one another in various locations. You play as any one of them and must try to win the most events in each locale. There are six characters available at the start, plus a seventh unlocked after four tournaments and another after you beat them all. While these characters have distinct looks, they play only slightly differently; some can take more punishment and others move slightly faster

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gamespot rated it 7.0

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Awesome !
but what is meant by "Silver product key for The Club" ??

Thank you, Now I got 20 CD keys (I know 20 are useless :D ) with :D :D
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