1. A

    Game available today?

    Are this games titles available for PC ? Pokemon. WWE:Road to Wrestlemania. Jackey Chan Adventures Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition and Last WWE SmackDown Vs Raw
  2. M

    Manchester United Club Football 2005

    Hi I installed Club Football Manager 2005 Manchester United Demo. but when i start the demo it exits to the desktop. My system specs is P4 2.8 HT, 915GAG, 512 RAm
  3. Official Techie

    Strategy Gamerz Club

    Why not create a club for strategy games
  4. geek_rohit

    Club Football 2005

    Forget FIFA. Forget PES. Check out the Club Football 2005 range of Soccer games from Codemasters (The developers of the famous Colin McRae Rally). It has got individual titles for many of the famous soccer clubs including Arsenal, Liverpool, Real Madrid and many more. Also in the stores is...
  5. Thor

    Linux Users Group [LUG]

    Dear Friends, Come 23rd November AT NIT [National Institute of Tech.] Durgapur, WB LUG is being inaugaruted. Now, I use WinXP, and know next to nothing abt Linux. This "club" will try to initiate the uninitiated in the world of OpenSource. MD of IBM India is coming in himself to inaugarate the...
  6. A

    Is there any software Club ?

    Hi, It would be nice if we had some software club so that we can buy most of the softwares and share it. I there are around 1000 people in the club, just imagine a 10,000 Rs software will cost just 10 Rs per head. donot you think that is resonable. Ofcourse there will a problem if some...
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