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hi friends.

well today after inserting a pen drive to the system.

1. i double clicked on it but nothing happened so i had to open it by rightclick>open.
then i copy pasted some datas to it.then i removed the pen drive by simply pulling it out.

2.then i turned off the system.now when i started it i cannot acces my two ( C: and E: ) drives by double on clicking them.i get this message.

so i have to open it by rightclick>open.

how to make it again open by double clicking
please help.
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just open drive go to tools>folder options
then go to view tab just select Show hidden files option then click apply and ok then in drive u will see autorun.inf file just delete also scan ur computer with an antivirus like quickheal or norton or avira or any other to remove the infection of virus. also use spybot to scan


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its a kind of Trojan virus
scan your computer with a good anti-virus,like kaspersky, norton etc


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in explorer go to tools -> folder options -> show hidden files
open each drive using right-click -> open. u'll see a file called autorun.inf in each of the drives. delete that file.
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