1. N

    Help with 2.1 speakers

    Im confused with Philips ms4040f and f&d a510.I heard that f&d only focuses on bass rather than clarity of sound.Also philips has pmpo of 4000w whereas f&d has 5000w pmpo.Which of the 2 is the best ??
  2. Sarang\m/

    Best In Ear Headphones for android

    Hello, I am looking for In Ear Headphones without Mic.My budget is around 2,000-/-. I am looking for the clarity of sound, with reasonable volume levels.
  3. S

    Need 2.1 speakers within 5000 rupees strict Urgent

    need a good 2.1 speakers for my pc within 5k budget ( not a penny more ) ....... some 1 week ago i purchased f & d a 520 for around 2k.....the base was very good but it lacked sound quality and clarity .... so i sold them off need speakers better than f and d a 520...
  4. U

    Ear Buds with Mic in a budget of upto 1K

    I am looking for earbuds with Mic. Clarity and treble are priorities. Mainly for using it with my LG G2 mobile. I listen to classical and Film songs and only use 256 Kbps audio files. Bass is not that important but fine if present. Currently using Philips SHE2675BW. They are very comfortable...
  5. R

    Good enough headphones ~1.5k

    Need something to use with my pc. Don't use mic right now so not sure if I should settle for a poorer headset for that. Not really experienced about sound quality or a music buff but it should be 'good enough' for a normal person and have dimnishing returns. Nowadays mostly listen to some game...
  6. D

    Does AUX cable really matter ?

    Well i am planning to replace my old 2metre AUX cable with a new one. I was going through Flipkart & Ebay & was surprised to see such a wide variation in the prices & no decent review in the net to actually say whether there is much difference between a 100rs & 500rs cable. So i decided to post...
  7. P

    Need IEMs - Budget 1.5K

    Hello, I am looking to buy IEMs since my Sony MDR-EX10 died after 15 months of use. I listen to rock and metal. I am looking for good detail and sound clarity. (No overwhelming Bass). Please suggest a suitable set of IEMs for around 1.5K. Thanks!
  8. Ronnie11

    2.1 Speaker Required with a budget of 8500/-

    Hey i am looking for a 2.1 speaker system with a budget of 8500/-.This speaker will be replacing my Altec Lansing MX5021 speakers which went bad recently..I am looking for speakers with good base and clarity...One of the speakers i shortlisted was Logitech z623..Any other...
  9. T

    Best Mobile under 5000 in 2013

    I am planning to buy a mobile for my dad.. Looking for dual sim Battery Life Wi-Fi FM Recording Audio clarity I seen Asha 306,,, How about this ? Any good mobiles? Please suggest...Immediate purchase
  10. D

    Optimus l9 vs attrix 2 vs samsung s advance

    Hello i want to buy a new phone under 20k 1. Budget? below 20k but stretchable to 22k if something exceptional is out there. 2. Display type and size? No particular preference for Amoled or IPS but...
  11. A

    earphone replacement of xperia

    I just lost my bundle earphone that came with xperia mini pro can you people suggest a decent replacement around 1k ? and i give + for clarity over bass, but noise cancellation is a must. also it must have phone receiving buttons...
  12. A

    Earphone under 2k

    hi guys. I want a good earphones for my new hTC explorer under 2k. I want good punchy bass and loudness, music clarity. Will use it with power amp.
  13. C

    suggest a mobile under 12000

    Hi. can you please suggest a moblie under 12 to 10 k. feature i need 1- excellent sound quality 2- good reception and voice clarity 3- good battery life (I alway use loud speaker to listen songs) thanking you. :razz:
  14. vickybat

    Honda Turns FCX Clarity Into Generator, Can Power Homes

    I need not say more. Read on guys :) Source
  15. abhilashkrishn

    Digital Camera 10k-20k

    Hi friends, I am going to buy a Digital camera next week. Which one I should choose? My budget is Rs:10000-20000. Please suggest a good one with good clarity.
  16. dr_jimit

    Help me choose Semi SLR/ Bridge camera

    Hello Friends, I m planning to buy a Semi SLR/ bridge / high end extended zoom camera, Choices were 1, Fuji s2950 = EVF, AA battery, HDMI, Manual controls etc.. 8-9 k but clarity is not good in reviews,,,,, JUST AVERAGE 2, Nikon L120 = Better Clarity, Good video ,Nikon Name, but...
  17. P

    Suggest - In Earphones/Headphones with Superb voice clarity (No Music)

    Friends, Looking for In Earphones/Headphones with superb voice clarity. Requirement - Listen to human voice files (Legal/Medical Voice files), NO MUSIC at all. Preferably with inbuilt amplifier OR external small amplifier connectivity (To amplify the human voice incase of poor recording)...
  18. P

    Suggest Point & Shoot Digital Camera

    This post is written after lots of research on P&S cameras, Looking for decent P&S Digital Camera. Have been using Canon PowerShot A570 IS & addicted to its very good clarity. Getting fed up due to its bulkiness & continuous problem of "Low batteries" message even with brand new Duracell...
  19. utkarsh009

    bought motorola kingfisher ex128

    hi! i just bought the motorola kingfisher ex128 for my father. i wanna thank pauldmps for suggesting that phone. it has absolutely great ui and the camera clarity and quality is also awesome. thanks once again!!!!!!
  20. M

    24" LCD Monitor

    I was looking for a 24" Lcd monitor.Only thing which easily available in Bangalore in Benq G2420 which is 10.7k. and my budget is around 11-13k. Please suggest me a gud 24" monitor from your experience.I was not too sure about it as there is not much reviews about it Benq G2420. I cant see...
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