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Honda Turns FCX Clarity Into Generator, Can Power Homes


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Honda's fuel-cell electric vehicle, the FCX Clarity, has sparked quite a bit of interest since its early stages of production in 2008. Along with its groundbreaking zero emissions fuel-cell technology, the company has now outfitted the hydrogen powered car with a mobile power supply system, transforming the car into a generator on wheels.

At peak generation, the car is able to provide 9 kilowatts of electricity continuously for more than seven hours. At lower generation rates used to power small homes, the system is able to keep them juiced for up to six days. Although Honda isn't the first automaker to provide vehicle-to-home power systems, the FCX Clarity has a higher energy capacity compared to its Nissan and Mitsubishi competitors.

In addition to its new mobile power supply system, Honda also unveiled a new solar-powered hydrogen fueling station. Using a high-pressure water electrolysis procedure, the station generates 1.5 kg of hydrogen in 24 hours. Using the electricity generated from its solar panels to create that hydrogen, the station provides enough hydrogen to power the FCX clarity for 90 miles. Although no word was given on when to expect the new systems in the states, Honda has already begun installing its hydrogen fueling stations at the Saitama Prefectural Office in Japan.

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