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  1. webgenius

    Games similar to Sim City 4

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a city building game similar to Sim City 4. The game should allow me to build a city, manage its infrastructure, manage revenue and profits, and stuff like that. Can you guys please suggest a game like that for me? I liked Sim City 4, but it is a very old game and...
  2. H

    Best ISP in KOLKATA

    Hi, I want to know which ISP is the best in kolkata ( best as in regarding consistently providing the advertised speed, and also it should provide reliable connectivity) please keep in mind 1. i live in salt lake city sector 2 kolkata 2. i am considering a plan of around 1mbps so i need...
  3. V

    Windows 8 not ready for gaming ??

    Hey guys ... I did a clean install of windows 8 on my pc yesterday. After I installed all the basic apps and all , I tried installing all my games again .. But alas , none of the games worked .. I installed Arkham city and it is giving a fatal error(Something to do with .Net Framwork ) ... I...
  4. thetechfreak

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Coming To iOS And Android Later This Fall

    A self explanatory thread title really. Really interesting by Rockstar that they are releasing the games on 10 year anniversaries. Would you expect GTA:SA for mobile too? Source GTA Vice City Coming To Android and iOS Devices
  5. RCuber

    Going for Yamaha FZS.. Any known issues?

    Hey Guys, My cousin is going for FZS, we are going tomorrow for checking the availability and pricing etc.. but I wanted to know if there are any known issues with the bike cause the Sales Representative will never tell these :P City Ride - To and fro to office is the main purpose...
  6. amjath

    Cassette case for S2

    Hi I'm planning to buy Cassette type Silicon Case for Samsung S2 for a long time and now I found a link which matches my favorite color. White Retro Cassette Tape Silicone Case Cover For SamSung Galaxy S2 i9100 -SO8 | eBay If I buy from seller's city [Hong Kong], do I have to pay extra...
  7. T


    DESCRIPTION Saw a playthrough of the same on youtube , it seems like a pretty fun multiplayer game. The game's website is North of Earth
  8. theserpent

    Sky City One: Chinese Company To Construct World's Tallest Building Over 90 Days???

    Well some months earlier they or someother company had made a 15 story bulding in a matter of few days.But no one has pics of the interior of the building According to me its impossible it wont be safe Building a 15 storey hotel in 6 days - YouTube Source:Sky City One: Chinese Company...
  9. L

    Best Goal in EPL 2011-12

    I think the one which Luiz Suarez shot from 45 yards against Norwich City was the best goal in Barclay's Premier League 2011-2012.
  10. User Name

    Reballing GPU in PUNE?

    Hi Anyone know a good hardware repair center which is expert in reballing GPUs in PUNE city. :-?:-? Plz tell me...
  11. 101gamzer

    Sniper:Ghost Warrior 2 PC

    Sniper:Ghost Warrior 2 PC coming this really soon this august 21 DELAYED Until October:shock: Developer City Interactive Publisher City Interactive Distributor EU Namco Bandai Games[1] Engine CryEngine 3 Genre FPS Release-date August 21 ,2012 When we here sniper we first...
  12. R

    [Query] So which service centre is the best??

    Hi, i just have a small query about rma. I just want to get my logitech keyboard replaced... Logitech has listed three service centres in my city so which one is the best out of these Rashi, Savex, Neoteric(In terms of fast replacement)? :unsure:
  13. masterkd

    4G services coming in India

    First 4G service to be launched in Calcutta Source
  14. V

    Close encounter at midnight !

    Encounter at midnight!! N an early morning encounter on Thursday, five persons allegedly involved in two daring bank robberies in Chennai was shoot dead in a ‘encounter’in a gunbattle with the city police at Velachery in the early hours of Thursday. The suspects were identified as Chandrika Rey...
  15. d6bmg

    Digit Kolkata meet 2012

    I saw there any manu users from kolkata who use this forum regularly. Anyone interested to converted this digit meet idea in reality? Please post here. I'll be glad to see responses from everyone. WHat the heck? Where is the latest db? Post are missing btw. Venue & time: List of people...
  16. buddyram

    7 hours continuous traffic jam in Bangalore

    It was all due to the silly reason which caused havoc in the city traffic, quite surprisingly from the Lawyers association. The commuters had to survive from 11:30 AM till 6:30 PM in that deadlock! @Mumbians — this is not at par to your city but for bangalore this is too much!:-D Source
  17. A

    Arkham city gliding

    hey guys, im playing arkham city on pc. can anyone tell me how you get batman to boost out from a ledge while grappling, other than hanging on the ledge. normally when you press F while gliding. u move towards the ledge and stays there. how do you chain the glides??
  18. Skyh3ck

    Gaming Events Here :)

    Hi I m creating this thread to share, discuss etc about upcoming gaming events in your city. I know most of the gaming events is for marketing purpose, but for us it is still good place to play games and have a get together. Here is the template. Event Name: XYZ Gaming Expo 2012 City...
  19. T

    GameSpot GOTY Awards

    GameSpot Nominees Game Of The Year Batman: Arkham City Dark Souls DiRT 3 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Gears of War 3 Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Portal 2 Total War: Shogun 2 The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Xenoblade Chronicles Best Shooter Battlefield 3 Crysis 2 Gears of War 3...
  20. utkarsh73

    Stuck in Assassin's Creed

    I am playing Assassin's Creed-1 for 2 days and I am stuck in a place for some unknown reason. In memory sequence-3, when we have to meet 2 of our allies in Jerusalem and Acre, as soon as I enter Jerusalem city the game hangs and automatically shuts down. I first tried to enter the Acre city and...
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