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  1. A

    GTA:Vice City island mod.

    Hey guys, i just noticed an island mod for GTA:VIce city. hav a look here:- http://www.myriadislands.com/ Here are some screen shots of the island:- http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=140896 You can even help the myriadislands.com team members to build it. It's always...
  2. esumitkumar

    Worldpspace radio Query !!

    Hi Can somebody tell that Worldspace radio is available in Aligarh(West UP) ........It has been launched in Delhi and Aligarh is 133 km from delhi.. I think worldspace is not there as in list of dealers in UP no city comes..... Does one can catch this radio's signals by buying equipment...
  3. D

    I want a trainer for GTA Vice City.

    [color=darkred]hello all I want a trainer for GTA Vice City can i know the links where i can get one. i have tried everything on the net but all is PURE AND APPLIED BAKWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS. EVERY archive i notice is either corrupt or is incomplete etc. etc. etc and so on...
  4. T

    viceeee citttttyyyy

    Hey goons, Can anybody give me some tips for completing the paramedic missions in Vice city? No cheats please !! :D
  5. I


    wad do u guys think.................... accordin to me farcry, nfsu2 and Gta vice city were the best
  6. C

    Not even a single game is running

    I have a PC of following config. P4/256 MB Ram/40 GB HDD/Windows XP and 98/1.6 GHz I don't know about my Graphics card but it runs Quake 3 and GTA:Vice City When i try to run games like Nfs U/Doom 3/Pain killer It says 3D Hardware not detected. What to do? Is there any...
  7. N


    hey guys. i like the games "vice city " and also "mafia" and "gangsters 2" are there anymore games like these?? also how is the game "Gangland" is it like vice city or gangsters 2 also is it worth... pls reply
  8. mohit

    Help me with SIMS and SIM CITY

    hey guyz , i want to buy the latest versions of sims and also sim city for my brother. can somebody tell me which are the latest versions of these 2 games. I tried searching and also visited their website but i eneded up confused as i have never played these games and i dont know much about...
  9. C

    GTA Player Skins

    Hi, Made this Cool Hrithik Roshan skin for Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Download (Zip) Using It:- Just download the Zip file and put the extracted BMP file into the Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\Skins Directory to use it. For more info on using skins, see...
  10. Ecko

    gta sound files missing

    [/img]can any ine donate me gta vice city sound files my id is gaurav_chd007@yahoo.com
  11. T

    vice city not running on service pack 2

    Hi guys.I have grand theft auto vice city and it used to run fine on my system,but after i installed service pack 2 on my windows xp home edition and fired up the game it showed up its usual cd icon,but it never gets beyond that.In short,vice city is not running on SP2 :!: Please help :!: :(...
  12. T

    Tell me all the gr8 new games

    Hey guys as soon as my 10th boards are over I am gonna loot every game shop in the city. Tell me the names of the latest coming games that will rock the gaming world. Sanan on the top of the list
  13. Raaabo

    The best broadband offers available across India

    Hey all, I just thought this thread could list out all the best broadband offers from various ISPs across the country. Might turn out to be useful information for those who don't know about what's available. The idea is to fill in this form: ISP: City: Specific Areas: Plan Name...
  14. R

    GTA Vice City

    Anybody knows whether a new version of Vice City coming up? I loved the game for its wit, gameplay and ability to wander all over the city seemlessly. Do you know any other game similar to it? (till they launch new version)
  15. adithyagenius

    Whos has completed vice city?

    I completed 100% vice city in 30hrs of play without cheat codes. First time i cmpltd it , it took 5 days. Who can complete it the fastest. 8) 8)
  16. A

    GTA Vice City Problem

    I have GTA Vice City installed in my computer. I have Windows XP SP1 and the config is Intel 865, 2.8 Ghz (HT), 256 DDR Ram. When i start a new game and at the first video the game stops and after some 10 sec the message comes smth like this : " Windows recovered some device faliure. Restart...
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