Suggest a simple topic for seminar.

    Hi all,,, plz suggest a gud computer-related topic for a seminar... some topics my friends chose were stereo-bluetooth, flash memory, etc...
  2. nix

    do you play second life?

    what ive observed is, here in india, unlike the US, its unpopular. i was left thinking i chose to ask this question...i myself have not started playing the game but plan to soon. so , how many of you play it?
  3. almighty

    Vista and XP dual boot

    Is it possible to install both XP and vVISTA ULTIMATE? I love VISTA but due to incompatibly with driver and s.w i uninstalled VISTA i tried to install VISTA after XP PRO but during start up no option i saw to chose VISTA or XP i uninstalled VISTA
  4. K

    Please Help my out

    Hello Friends, i formated my system and installed a fresh XP. now i am getting a strange error. i am getting the below dialog box c:\docume~1\MEHTA\LOCALS~1\TEMPSV~1.EXE THE NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction. C5:0578 IP:0283 OP:63 6F 6c 72 chose 'Close' to terminate the...
  5. kerthivasan

    YOU TUBE- what is the meaning?

    what is the meaning of the name "YOU TUBE"? y did they chose such a peculiar name? any reason?
  6. Y

    Gaming in linux

    I am starting this new thread for linu gaming. we can post all the games that are available in linux and the way to configure them. I hope this will make even non technical persons join the linux brigade. Starting with id quake 2 , quake 3 and doom3 are available for linux and id software's...
  7. M

    Windows Vista Build 5384 Beta 2

    Hey Guyz,,,my pc specs are 256 RAM, P4 2.4GHz, 64MB graphics mem, 80GB HDD.... My friend just tols me that i will be able to run this ver. even with my PC's config.I gave it a try.I installed it from the image my friend gave me of the setup.There were 2 options 1.Upgrade 2.Custom.I chose the...
  8. moshel

    Help me Buying a Hometheatre / Music System

    Hey guys i want to buy a home theatre / Music system, i have a budget of 15k extendable upto 16k. after having a preliminary look around i have narrowed it down to the following 3 1. Sony DAV - DZ100 Link I chose this because this one wud give a surround sound effect becos of 5.1...
  9. M

    Kernel 2.4.x or 2.6.x ?

    I am using Redhat. I want to rebuild the kernel. But I am confuse about the source files. Which one do I chose newer 2.4.xx or newer 2.6.xx?
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