1. V

    MCSE or Animation

    I have to choose one from these two courses.Please help me in choosing one,I am bit confused.
  2. R

    help me in getting the cpu

    hi i want to buy a pc i stuck between the amd and intel ... my friend says that opteron will perform better than 939x2 processors also better than core2duo... please help me in choosing the right one
  3. R

    pentium d 930 vs. athlon x2 3800+

    please help me in choosing the right processor
  4. dreams

    Help Choosing Mobile !!

    Help Choosing Mobile Sony w300i or Nokia 6125 !! Hi all.. I have decided to go 4 Sony w300i or Nokia 6125. Which is better to go for. Looking for - Best phone in all the features. Cos this is a one time investment and i am very concerned abt choosing the phones. Hope ya guys help me...
  5. varunbhide

    linux installing woes...

    i posted this here coz it is os related... i tried to install fedora core 3from the image disks given with digit's jan 05 issue. while installing, after choosing gui installation, i got the following two errors: 1) assertion (heads > 0) at disk_dos.c :485 in...
  6. S

    Choosing a Laptop

    I would like to buy a laptop with budget around 35k. Which one should I go for?
  7. N

    Help in choosing AMD

    Hi Friends, I need help in choosing an AMD processor and motherboard. I can hear a lot of jargon such as amd64, etc. Please advice me on the best configuration and their pricing. regards, Nitin.
  8. R


    Hello Everyone, I am buying a new pc after a long time. The last time i bought a pc was way back in 1999. So now when went into the market, I was encountered with the problem of choosing the monitor. Would anyone tell me which is the best of the two i.e., TFT OR CRT. Further more it...
  9. M

    printer within 4000/-

    hey guys ... i am planning to buy a printer within 4000/- ..please help me choosing one
  10. P

    Any Hard Core Debian Users Out there

    Hi Guys i was just wondering that are there any debian users out there. I am new to debian and seem to run into a wall every now and then. So being selfish and choosing a easer path i thought i can ask some nagging q in this forum.
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