printer within 4000/-

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Canon entry level printers are good enough. I have taken 2 some times back. One is SPX 100 and the other is XNU i255. Per paper costs are cheapest as compared to HP or Epson. Refilling is very simple, you can even do it on your own. But never go for an Epson Inkjet. Epsons are best for Dot Matrix but worst for Inkjets.


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For 4k you can rule out laser or dot-matix printers, and that leaves inkjets. There are plenty of entry-level inkjets in the 2-4k range and it would be difficult to pick out one as the best.

Personally, I'm quite satisfied with my HP DJ3550 which i got several months ago for 2.5k. I believe HP is now offering a DJ3740 in its place. It's fast and print quality is very good for its price class. I use "Fast draft" mode, the lowest quality setting for most of my text prints and it's quite economical.

One thing I like about HP printers is that you can feed them just about any type of paper, even partially crumpled ones or thick envelopes, and they rarely jam. This is not the case with many other brands.
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