1. A

    Help me choosing a cell phone please

    I bought LG Optimus One, Nice gadget I have to say. Thanks guys.
  2. A

    Help me choosing a cell phone please

    Hi guys, I am planning to buy a cellphone next week, But I am a little ( honestly, hell alot :p ) confused. Cant pick a choice like always before. My budget is under 10-12 K, and I am somewhat krazy ( or Mad in clear words ) when it comes to experimenting with phones. I want a feature rich...
  3. Soumik

    SAR value should dictate decision?

    Hi guys, I want to know if the SAR value of a phone should become a determining factor in choosing or not choosing a phone. The phones above the recommended value of 1.0, are they really that big a threat to the health, or only is it safe within 2.0? I am asking this cause there are a lot of...
  4. choudang

    choosing DSLR - Nikon/Canon @ <32K

    hi guys ... need some 'GYAN' from the experts i am planning to buy a DSLR for personal use, and need to decide which one to opt. secondly, the lens factor is way above from my understand. so i need some detail gyan from you guys. there are three models in my mind, Nikon 3100, 3000 and Canon...
  5. B

    Pulsor or Apache or FZ

    Hi friends please help me out in choosing the best bike among the three....
  6. R

    which router is best ?

    hi , i am ratnakar i want to buy broadband router having 4 ports so i want to know that which router is faster wired or wireless :?: Then which is the faster router up-to Rs 2000 :?: please help me for choosing router. Thanks in advance :-o you can also send your advice to
  7. arsenalfan001

    Need an External dvd-writer

    The dvd-writer of my laptop has given up on me. And I am looking for an external dvd-writer. But I dont have much of an idea about the external dvd-writers. Please help me choosing one and tell me a good shop in Pune for the same. thank you
  8. K

    which and where?

    Hi Guys, I need a best free portable browser. I searched this forum,but I was unable to come to an conclusion as to choosing one.Can you help me?
  9. deadkiss 009

    Need help in choosing broadband for gaming

    I need a broadband connection for playing multiplayer games like Crysis, FIFA e.t.c. So I chose two plans for this purpose, one is Home 750UL (256 kbps @ 750 per month) and Home 1350UL (512 kbps @ 1350/month). Is the 750 UL with 256 kbps speed enough for such multiplayer gaming ...
  10. F

    I need help in choosing...

    Hello there! I need you help in choosing antivirus software. I have NOD and Norton. Which one do you think is better?
  11. S

    Help in choosing LCD monitor + Tv tuner card..

    Hello friends, I need your help in choosing LCD monitor + Tv tuner card.... Main purpose for viewing tv... So 22" monitor would be better... I would like to buy a higher end tv tuner card so that quality of pic is good... My budget for Tv tuner card is 5k and For lcd monitor is 15k...
  12. vamsi_krishna

    VERY URGENT : manually fromated vista on xp

    hello, my name is vamsi. I use to run microsoft windows vista home basic on my pc along with my windows xp sp3, now the problem is i have manually formatted the windows vista drive in windows xp accedentally. i haven't shutted down the pc. when i shutdown will i get any boot...
  13. T

    Help Needed!!!!

    hi friends in my pc when i double click the folder, search window s opening , but i can open the folder by rt cliking n choosing open... please tell me the solution.....
  14. T

    Please Help Me Out!!!!

    hi friends in my pc when i double click the folder, search window s opening , but i can open the folder by rt cliking n choosing open... please tell me the solution.....
  15. chicha

    sync out of range in rainbow 6 vegas

    by mistake i set the game resolution to the one not supported by my monitor, and there is no safe mode option in this game. i tried running the game in 600*400 res by choosing the option(right clicking the icon)But the sync is still out of range. how can i get it back to 1024*768. my desktop is...
  16. S

    Choosing Laptop

    Hello Everyone Joined the forum today Please help me in choosing the appropriate laptop. My criterion is: Price 50000-60000 Brands HP, Dell, Lenovo Video card 128 MB (At Least) Processor intel core 2 duo 2.0 ghz (At Least)
  17. G

    Suggest me a Good Combination For 19" WideScreen Monitor

    Hi guys, I am planning to purchase a new computer by this month end. I need your kind suggestions for me in choosing a best computer. I am planning to get a 19" widescreen monitor and i prefer to go for an AMD processor. i am a novice in choosing the products for my comp and need you...
  18. R

    Before choosing the host to you web site

  19. abhijith44

    Help needed choosing Healthy Computer desk and chair..

    Hi gUYS.. I am abhijith from Mysore.. This topic may sound funny but really i am sick of the desk and chair i use..... i want to select a best Computer desk and chair , I am a computer science gradute(now doing MCA)i'm atleast 6 hours infront of pc,,, I am suffering from back pain :( and...
  20. krates

    i wanna change my username

    hey all i want to change my username it's too big :( i was mad choosing this username :( can any mod change it to krates thank you
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