1. jasku

    [Want to Buy] LGA 1155 Motherboard

    Hey guys, Looking for a reasonably prices LGA 1155 motherboard (Z68, B75, H61 chipsets). Please ping me with your offers.
  2. R

    Qualcomm announces 64 Bit Snapdragon 810 and 808

    Qualcomm unveiled the chipsets that will power a good number of next year's flagship and mid-range phones. The Snapdragon 810 and 808 both bring improvements in processor performance, 3D rendering and LTE. Both have 64-bit processors and use ARM Cortex A5x CPU cores instead of Qualcomm-designed...
  3. A

    [Want to Buy] Laptop for 25k

    I am okay with any of the trusted brands. Preferably a netbook as I am not very comfortable with the idea of carrying around those huge 15.6" laptops with num pads. My priorities are: 1. Good battery life. 2. OS present. As in Win7 HB. 3. Decent screen resolution. 4. At least 2 GB of RAM...
  4. Zangetsu

    Mobile Phone Chipsets Guide

    Hi all :wave: wanted to share this topic on mobile phone chipsets I hope u will like the KT :mrgreen: All you need to know about mobile phone chipsets Chipsets & GPU list
  5. S

    am3+ mobo under 5.5k

    hi friends please suggest me gigabyte am3+ mobo under 5.5k it should be based on 880+850 chipsets and i need usb3 and sata3
  6. J

    HD6950 vs 560Ti

    Hello Guys, It seems that my 4870 has gone dead :-(..I am trying to get it repaired..but seems I am going to end buying a new one. When I bought 4870 three years was easy to choose it with less chipset numbers available and all the help from Digit. I would like to know which card...
  7. TechPlex

    BGA Chipset Gameplay

    Friends, I know this is a silly query but I want to know if I can change my laptop's VIA Chipset with an ATI Radeon IXP400 I saw on eBay for just 1499 bucks. I have seen many tutorials online for desoldering and soldering the Chipsets. This is fun!
  8. Gaurav Bhattacharjee

    Intel Ivy Bridge Discussion

    [TPU] Ivy Bridge 1155-Compatible, Panther Point Detailed Source Good news this!! :mrgreen:
  9. R

    Sandy Bridge compatible RAM from Kingston

    New HyperX memory designs, new dark grey design, perfect for Sandybridge, P67 systems, other chipsets too. YouTube - Kingston HyperX CES 2011 new performance memory, very cool.
  10. S

    suggest motherboard

    Hi friends I have a p4 3.00GHz , 478pin processor link . My mobo is burn out. So i need new mobo. I dosen't Know which chipsets supports this processor. Please tell me which chipsets support this processor. I also want mobo with ddr2 support so tell me which chipset and mobo...
  11. hayabusa_ryu

    Need Main Differences between G31, G33, G35 and P35 , P45 chipsets.

    Hello friends, I m compeletly noob :confused: about these things(about chipsets). So, I want the differences between these chipsets (G31, G33, G35 and P35 , P45) . Is there any solid reason for upgrading a medium user like me from 946 board to p45 board. i generally use it for study...
  12. Micheal

    Help required Understanding Chipsets

    all i know about chipsets is that they r a set of specifications released by intel, amd, ... with which various vendors including the aforementioned manufacture motherboards problem is: there have come around a plethora of them and its difficult to choose 1(only one). I have had tremendous help...
  13. S

    AMD is working on PCIe 3.0 support

  14. T

    Intel vs nVidia MoBo's

    Hi All, Can you explain me the technical differences b/w MoBo's with Intel Chipsets and MoBo's with nVidia chipsets. Which one will be better performance wise. Is that nVidia chipset MoBo's are alternative for Original Intel MoBo's with Onboard graphics ?:confused:
  15. S

    No more discrete chipsets from NVIDIA

  16. ajaybc

    Which chipset is better-G33 or 965?

    Which of these intel chipsets is better-G33 or 965?
  17. Gigacore

    Intel to deliver X38 chipsets in mid-September and probably X48 parts by year-end

    Intel will officially start delivering its X38 chipsets in mid-September, enabling motherboard makers to begin volume production of X38-based motherboards by the end of this month, according to sources at the makers. The official launch of the X38 chipsets will also come in time to compete...
  18. topgear

    A bunch of hardware related questions

    I have a bunch hardware related of questions to ask. I am presenting them one by one. Members please reply. While replying please mention the source or website link ( If any), Also quote the number of each question, Here are my questions: 1. What will happen if motherboard touches the...
  19. M

    "Does Nvidia make chipsets for motherboards?"

    Thats the sort of questions that the dealers ask me in Bangalore. I say Nvdia 680i chipset and they say "Graphics Card?" I say no and continue, they probably think I am some sort of a stupid a.. and say they can get a Intel mobo. Next. I want a Antec Super LANBoy. They are simply awesome they...
  20. Kiran.dks

    HARDWARE FIREWALL? Intel's New Chipsets to Improve Core 2 Performance

    Intel's New Chipsets to Improve Core 2 Performance, Bring Hardware Firewall. Intel May Scrap Support for PS2 and LPT Legacy Ports in New Core-Logic Sets Intel Corp., the world’s leading supplier of core-logic sets which controls over the half of the market, plans to release new chipsets that...
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