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[Want to Buy] Laptop for 25k


Broken In
I am okay with any of the trusted brands.
Preferably a netbook as I am not very comfortable with the idea of carrying around those huge 15.6" laptops with num pads.

My priorities are:
1. Good battery life.
2. OS present. As in Win7 HB.
3. Decent screen resolution.
4. At least 2 GB of RAM.

During my personal research, I came across systems based on different chipsets by Intel and AMD. Regarding that matter, I have absolutely no strict preference. I am okay with either as long as it works properly and smoothly. Absence of excessive heat-up would be a nice bonus.

So guys, please focus on netbooks. Or if there is a suitable notebook without a numeric keypad, then that works too.

Thanks a lot! :)
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