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Chinese mobiles ??

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Call me Sumit

In the train , I met a man. He was showing a chinese mobile he purchased fin 5500 Rs only..the phone had a big screen , it was with stylus :eek: :eek: :eek: and 16 M colors, 4 speakers were on it and sound was damn gud .......

can somebody tell more specifications about these chinese mobiles like name , features etc ? are these smuggled or what ?



Right off the assembly line
Guyz Dont go for these phones ,... unless u kno da shopkeeper , coz he wudn't entertain u if u come back with a broken down cell. My friend had brought a nokia n 73 me china made fake with much more features than the original piece for 6-7 k , but later repented...


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Guys i went yesterday to bajaj complex of bangalore and saw the china mobile. The shop keeper is my friend. I asked him about gurentee and he said if i take it now and while going home if it gets damaged then throw it beside the road it self. Funny. I saw the tv quality and its superb. Doordarshan was coming clear.

And he told if i take it near tv all channels will come. It had superb and too loud sound. I saw one exactly similar to n95 but with out key pad. Now he told a bad thing about it. Its that the mobiles always shows full battery but wont give much backup. I will post some pic today evening. Will show u all the n95 and the tv one.

And one thing more, all there mobs were having 2 sim support and has price within 7k.. U can offcourse burgain to make it more less
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Haha just searching about this Cect v400 on google.
And i just putted "cect v400 - specifications"
And look the 3rd link, LOL
Just check out urself


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here are some of the pics..
This is the Chinese n95

And this is the one with all crazy features... 4 speakers,1 cam, tv... etc.. u name it u get it..


my Relative's hav similar mobiles
mostly they hav diff names
like i hav seen,, ztc 6688,,ret5567 etc...
but yaar sound tooo loud
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