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  1. clerkman1612

    Posting prices of my new Gaming Rig from SMC International?

    :clap2:Guys! I went to SMC International Shop (Nehru Place Computer Market,Delhi) last week. I already have posted prices of my gaming rig from Computer Empire Shop(same Market) in other previous thread.:) Prices as told by Gurmeet to me are: AMD Phenom II * 4 945 3.0 Ghz + Gigabyte GA - 880GM...
  2. Brave_Hunt

    Paypal Stopped Electronic Fund Withdrawal in India AGAIN!

    5 Months back Paypal stopped personal payment to India and reversed money sent under Personal payment. The whole fiasco happened because of issue between Paypal and RBI and later on Paypal come with a solution of Purpose code to withdraw money but personal payments are still not allowed in...
  3. evewin89

    caution: never buy any product from HOMESHOP18

    hello frnds., i like to share my online shopping experience wit u all. last month my mom told me that our old iron is not working properly so we have to buy a new iron. so i thought lets try HOMESHOP18 coz they have vast collections of appliences and they also provide goods @ a very good rate...
  4. S

    Earn Online

    Hi, I'm a student and would like to earn some extra money.But i'm finding it difficult to find an authentic site on the internet.So can anyone here who had some experiences help me?I need a site that would pay me by cheque.
  5. D

    Credit Card Woes

    I hold a deutsche bank credit card. On many an occasion, I have deposited a cheque on 22nd or 23rd (due date being the 23rd) and was always given grace period for the cheque to realise. In my latest statement, they have charged 800 bucks interest. On questioning why, they say my prev balance...
  6. P

    Best Way To Withdraw Money of Adsense Cheque ?

    Hi friends, One of my friend got his 1st adsense cheque. He has got cheque from Citibank. He has savings account in HDFC. If we encash cheque in HDFC how much extra do they charge ? No Problem if it takes few days. Please also give opinion about other banks ? Which is the best...
  7. A

    query on paypal !

    i had requested for a cheque on the 12th of this month and " cheque issued" message was seen on the 15th... its 26th today and nearly 2 weeks has gone by. how long will it take for the cheque to reach india ? some people here at TD seem to have got it in 10 days !! what steps should i take to...
  8. A

    help !! paypal and VCC doubts

    hi guys.. i use paypal and i am planning to withdraw funds from it. but since this is the first time i'm withdrawing from it i m actually a little scared. so could use help and guidance from you ppl... the situation is this... 1. i'm an unverified member at paypal and so i recently attached a...
  9. S

    some adsense payment question

    we finally received the payment from google holding it for some time... some of our question... we have got the cheque through dhl now where can we encash that cheque which bank .... it is bearer cheque or it can be transferred to bank account only.... the problem is we dont have bank...
  10. satyamy

    Paypal Payment Question .....?

    I have some paypal issue I have 495$ in my paypal a/c i requested a cheque they told me that $ to Rs. rate is 39.1657 instead of 40.45 why did they do so.......? On Thursday I requested for a cheque, today(tuesday) it is showing "Check Issued" in Status of withdraw So How many days will it...
  11. S

    Not receiving cheque from adsense

    well in our website our balanace was above 100 dollars with in march ....our account is not in hold and we are not using online payment but using standard system... according to google rules in march 30 our balance was above 100 dollars..then in april 30 it should have issued that money we...
  12. S

    how to purchase a rapidshare account?

    i do not have any paypal account, then how can I purchase a rapidshare account in India,can't I purchase it using DD or cheque?
  13. S

    Customer Support............. Plz Help

    :cry: i have posted a cheque for renewal of my digit subscription last week. but i have not got an acknowledgement from the digit guyz till now. i have also posted a cheque for the samsung dvd rom thru the upgrade to dvd rom offer. no reply from the digit customer support. didnt expect it from...
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