help !! paypal and VCC doubts

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hi guys.. i use paypal and i am planning to withdraw funds from it. but since this is the first time i'm withdrawing from it i m actually a little scared. so could use help and guidance from you ppl... the situation is this...

1. i'm an unverified member at paypal and so i recently attached a VCC to my account to get my account verified. but the person who got me this VCC did not provide me with the expanded use number. and so my account is still unverified. so what should i do do to get my account verified ?

2. now my name at SBI is s.abhinesh@balachander but there at paypal i submitted my first name as abinesh and last name as balachander and i did not submit the " @ " . so now, when i get a cheque will there be any problem in transfering money to my bank due to the change in name ? is it ok if i edited the name in the cheque to suit my bank account ?

3. whats the procedure to attach a new credit card to paypal acc ?

ppl, i'll be really happy and grateful to anyone and everyone who could help me with these... i don want to lose the hard earned money there... :confused:

thanks in advance !!
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3. Just go to your profile and edit credit card info from there.

Don't know much about VCC procedure.

2. Yes problems can occur in transferring money to account. And editing of name on cheque is bad idea. They won't use pen to sign cheques. :D


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Using VCC to verify paypal is in itself bad idea. Because VCC defeats the purpose of verification.

Your cheuqe name and bank account name should be same, in order to credit the money in your account, however if there is slight difference you may convince the bank official to accept the cheque.


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so it wont be a big problem if the name misses an "@" symbol isnt it ? also.. if i m attaching a credit card need it be registered under my name ? or a card in my dad's name is enough?

and thanks navjot and ahref.... waiting for replies for the above couple of queries...
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