1. windchimes

    booting troubles with cd

    Hi tech geeks, I copied a bootable cd on to my hadd and burned it as such, but it remains unbottable. How can I make it bootable? cheers
  2. darklord

    E6600 taken for a spin,now with Abit IP35

    More here - Abit IP35-E taken for a spin Cheers ! :-) Amey
  3. Garbage

    Programmers.. We have new Section on Forum

    Cheers....... Now we have seperate Programming Section on Digit Forum... :p Thanks Team Digit... :-P
  4. F

    Help maximise value for money!!:)

    Yes, I'm a noobie but frequently but go through your threads every once in a while. Recently my computer crapped out. Though of getting myself a new rig at the same time salvaging what I can from my old pc. I narrowed it down to this. My budget is 38k. Seagate Sata 2 200 GB 2900 ( I have serial...
  5. A

    Web Virtual Storage

    Hi Can anyone suggest me a site where i can upload some huge files and then give the link to someone or on my website so that it can be downloaded ? cheers ~Ari.
  6. dd_wingrider

    Sony's 2007 Cybershot lineup

    That's right, this link has got -- catalog shots for Sony's 2007 Cybershot line-up of digital cameras. Cheers:)
  7. adit_sen

    My Documents automatically opening

    Hi... Everytime I log into WinXP, the My Documents folder automatically opens up. Thought its not much of a problem, how do I stop this from happening? Cheers
  8. A

    Kolkata LUG

    Ok guys I guess we need a new LUG, ILUG-cal is not active at all:confused: I am in the process of starting a new LUG let me know who is interested in joining. But be warned we are going to be really really active.:D Cheers!
  9. S

    cheers!! Vista s relzn on jan30 wat bout halo 2 vista

    cheers Vista s relzn o jan30 wat bout halo 2 vista ... when s the imaginary date guy...s
  10. A

    Hi there

    Hi, I am planning to buy a handycam and may be not sure of the budget Any suggestion Cheers! Ace Ventura
  11. J

    Portable Windows XP for USB Stick

    hi, have any one tried portable version of winxp which run on pen drive. is thiat similar to live cd which will run without any os installed on your hdd or something else?? cheers
  12. amitava82

    i want a tv tuner for Laptop

    i want an external one with which recording can be done. can any1 suggest me a model with good recording quality? cheers
  13. arjun2040

    free(and legal) java apps & games!

    hey first post here's a neat site for all types of cells(not da 1's in ur body).....i kno i kno stupid joke jokes aside here's da site cheers....
  14. adit_sen

    Bluetooth in Ubuntu

    Hi, Ubuntu managed to dectect my bluetooth USB dongle without any problems, and following the instructions at It set up beautifully, and even deteced my phone. But when I try to connect to my phone I get a message 'Error...
  15. K

    hi, find something very interesting & just wanna share with u friends, please write back ur comments, also let me know if u r aware of something similar. cheers -keves
  16. K

    hi, A very good site for all ur Excel Related problems, its really worth a Look Please write back ur opinion cheers -keves-
  17. D

    Sudden Blank screens

    Hi this has been happenin for quite some time... i'll jus be workin or listenin to music or doin somethin on the comp.. while suddenly the screen goes blank.. ... n nothin happens.. there appears to be power to the system..the drive trays open n close n everythin's fine .. the hdd access lite...
  18. G

    new 5.1 speaker

    guys... i read the reviews of AL 3151R and was searching for comparable systems on the net... when i found out abt creative's t5900... how do they compare... my requirements are movies (40 %) and (40% music) and gaming (20%).... i would want to connect my mp3-walkman to the speaker...
  19. K

    Windows 64Bit - Hardware Compatibility List

    Please post - Hardware make and model number. Driver version and link. No discussions/troubleshooting here. Cheers, Keith PS: Would appreciate it if this was made a sticky
  20. K

    Should i go in for the athlon64 2800+ compared to the 3000+?

    Coz there is a Rs2000+difference for only an additional 200Mhz !!!!!!!!!! Plz help me !!! Cheers !!! :wink: :!:
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