1. K

    Top 5 Full HD laptops in India ?

    So, I am looking to buy a laptop in next 1-2 days. I am inclined towards Lenovo Y50 but I am afraid it has keyboard/screen issues. I just want to know what other options I have in Full HD 15.6 inch and i7 4th generation ? Let me know please. Cheers
  2. A

    Dont buy Dell Products from Issued in public interest

    Link : * Cheers! Abhijit
  3. A

    Nvidia to bring the Battlebox Experience to Mumbai next month.

    * Cheers! Abhijit
  4. amruth kiran

    processor for an old motherboard....

    hey guys!! i am on the look out for a good proccesor for my old " INTEL D945GCNL DESKTOP BOARD" Is the * enough..... thats INTEL E5700.. is it...
  5. Arnab

    Need Help on XFIRING

    Hey mates, I just got PALIT HD 4870 for some days in my hand. Can I Xfire it with by Current HD 5850.. Is IT Possible and Doable? Kindly Tell , waiting for replies Thanks and Cheers!
  6. rezurect007

    Post your Type of Phone Here.

    What type of phone do you have? Post it here also tell us whats so good about your phone. Cheers.
  7. P

    Android Phones under 6000!??!

    Hey Digitians, help me get an Android with a followin requisite of mine.. 1. Android (obvious) 2. wifi 3. 3G ( could do away with) 4. 3.5 mm jack for music 5. Budget Rs. 6000 +/- 500 Cheers! :))
  8. Tenida

    Say welcome to our new Supermoderator CILUS

    Say Welcome to our newly appointed super-Moderator~ CILUS Congrats buddy:grin: Cheers De la grandi Mephistopheles yak yak!!!
  9. L

    AMD cpu

    Need AMD cpu for my new rig ..anything mid end or the low end phenom would be great Pm me if you have something. cheers (MOds I am unable to change the title to WTB )
  10. A

    8800 gts g80

    As the title says, I am looking for an 8800GTS 320/640mb G80 cards only not 512 mb g92 cards as i need them im sli Cheers
  11. B

    Need a wireless router 2 - 3k

    Hey everyone, I need to buy a new wireless router and my budget is 2- 3k. Good range and coverage is my priority.. I had a look at this router Netgear WNR 2000 : WNR2000 - N300 Wireless Router and is mentioned to be around 3.2k mark on Lynx India website and I can accommodate it in my...
  12. M

    Hell Load of Stuff!! take a peak

    Here is what i have to sell, all prices are fixed and non-negotiable, shipping is extra, and pm me if you want to buy anything Sony PSP (with accessories) -5.5k Cheers! MOD Edit: Read the guidelines below and post more information accordingly...
  13. D

    Digit Medicos

    Hi all! All the medicos who regularly visit digit pls report here.. Lets introduce ourselves.. Show that doctors can also be tech geeks.... Abt me: My name is vishnu and im now in final yr MBBS. Im studying in karnataka... Cheers!!!
  14. H

    Best LCD Monitor to be used as TV

    I would like to know which is the best LCD Monitor availble in the market below rs. 10Kto. Objective is to use it as a TV by hooking it to DAB/DCB device. And a pre-requisite is that it should have in built speakers. Wonder if you guys know much about this. Cheers!
  15. T

    Anyone from R.V.C.E. here ???

    Anyone from R.V.C.E. Bangalore or Arizona State University here??? Would be great to catch up.....cheers !
  16. A

    Frequent Disk Defragmentation

    Is it a good idea to defragment a partition even if the Anaylser says "No need to defragment"? Cheers
  17. P

    eVGA in Hyderabad

    Could anyone tell me where I can get eVGA cards in hyderabad?? I mean dealer name and address. Also tell me where I can get MSI, Abit motherboards. Cheers...!
  18. iMav

    Cheers to GX

    Our fellow member GX_saurav's well writen really helpful article Using Windows Vista: The MVP Way has been published in this month's magazine, 3 cheers to him:P The article can be found on page 12.
  19. L

    help me regarding Orkut scraps

    hi friends....i need help regarding orkut scraps...The site page opens up ...i can see ma scraps n all....but i cant scrap :(...Anyone knows what exactly is the it ma network or windows ....or anything else...Suggestions needed.......Thanx...CHEERS!.....
  20. windchimes

    booting troubles with cd

    Hi tech geeks, I copied a bootable cd on to my hdd and burned it as such, but it remains unbottable. How can I make it bootable? cheers
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